Official Student Publications

Student publications are approved by the college through authorization of the President of the college and the assignment of a faculty advisor. Such publications are eligible for distribution on campus. All student publications are expected to reflect good taste, be written and edited by students of the college, and conform to editorial policies established by the college. These editorial policies shall include authority of the faculty advisor to exercise the right to disapprove materials with provision for the right of the student appeal to persons designated by the college President. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to suspension and/or expulsion.

Unofficial Publications

Commercial publications may not be distributed or sold on the college campus without specific permission from the President. Non-shy;commercial publications, student or non-student, not sponsored or approved by the college may be distributed on campus under regulations as established by the college. Such regulations may pertain to hours and places of distribution, littering, the orderly operation of the college, the outrage of public decency, and an identification of the persons and/or organizations sponsoring the material. Unofficial publications which do not meet the criteria listed are considered unauthorized and may not be distributed on campus.