Multimedia (MM)

MM 100 C  Introduction to Electronic Media 3 Units

Term hours: 54 lecture. This course introduces the history, structure, function, economics, content and evolution of radio, television, film, the Internet, and new media, including traditional and mature formats. The social, political, regulatory, ethical and occupational impact of the electronic media are also studied. (CSU)

MM 101 C  Introduction to Online Learning 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course prepares the student for the online education experience through direct application of online courseware tools such as chat, discussion, file exchange, homepage, course calendar, online gradebook, and external links. It also explores word processing basics, time management, troubleshooting, electronic mail, e-mail attachments, Internet navigation and research, file transfer protocol and other Internet services. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. (CSU)

MM 105 C  Introduction to Media Aesthetics 3 Units

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 100 C

Term hours: 54 lecture. This course introduces the close analysis of film and television texts. Examines the broad questions of form and content, aesthetics and meaning, and history and culture. Explores the diverse possibilities presented by the cinematic art form through an examination of a wide variety of productions, national cinemas, and film movements. Topics include modes of production, narrative and non-narrative forms, visual design, editing, sound, genre, ideology and critical analysis. (CSU, CSU GE)