Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer Degree (AS-T)


This curriculum is designed to provide an opportunity for the Business Administration major to achieve an Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer Degree (AS-T in Business Administration) which completes the first and second year requirements for transfer into the CSU system.

Advanced degrees and/or professional certificates, such as a baccalaureate degree, are required for those considering professional careers. Completion of this curriculum will demonstrate a commitment to the field and provide comprehensive preparation for further academic study through upper-division course work. This curriculum specifically prepares the prospective transfer student for upper division course work in Business Administration or a similar major at a California State University (CSU) campus. Students should consult a counselor, the Transfer Center and the catalog of the transfer college or university to plan a specific program of study to meet the college or university’s requirements. Note: Courses that fulfill major requirements for an Associate Degree for Transfer at Cypress College might not be the same as those required for completing the major at all transfer institutions offering a Baccalaureate Degree.

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Senate Bill 1440, now codified in California Education Code sections 66746–66749) guarantees admission to a California State University (CSU) campus for any community college student who completes an “associate degree for transfer,” a newly established variation of the associate degrees traditionally offered at a California community college. The AS-T is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing these degrees (AS-T) are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. Students transferring to a CSU campus that does accept the AS-T will be required to complete no more than 60 units after transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree (unless the major is designated “high-unit” major). This degree may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular CSU campus or to a university or college that is not part of the CSU system. Students should consult with a counselor when planning to complete the degree for more information on university admission and transfer requirements.

Students successfully completing the AS-T in Business Administration will gain knowledge in accounting, business communications, information technologies, finance, law, management, and marketing. Because business is such a broad field with many emphases and majors, this degree will provide the student a broad overview of the possible fields of study in various business areas.

To earn an AS-T in Business Administration students must complete the following requirements:

  1. a minimum of 27 semester units or 40.5 quarter units in the Business Administration major with a grade of C;
  2. California State University General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE Breadth) or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (CSU IGETC);
  3. elective courses to complete a minimum of 60 units of CSU transferable course work;
  4. have an overall GPA of 2.0.
Required Core Courses are listed in suggested sequence (19 units):
ACCT 101 CFinancial Accounting5
ACCT 102 CManagerial Accounting5
ECON 100 CPrinciples of Economics-Macro3
or ECON 100HC Honors Principles of Economics
ECON 105 CPrinciples of Economics-Micro3
or ECON 105HC Honors Principles of Economics
MGT 240 CLegal Environment of Business3
List A - Select one of the following (4 units):4
Survey of Calculus4
Introduction to Probability and Statistics4
Finite Mathematics4
Calculus I4
List B - Select two of the following or any course from List A not already chosen (6-8 units):6-8
Computer Information Systems3
Introduction to Business3
Writing for Business
Total Units29-31