Associate in Science Degree Radiologic Technology Program


The Associate in Science Degree Radiologic Technology provides a high quality education to prepare a diverse population of students with entry levels skills needed to become competent and confident radiographers.

Radiology Program Goals

  1. Students will have the knowledge and skills to competently and safely perform radiographic procedures.
  2. Students will develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively.
  3. Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  4. Students will evaluate the importance of professional development and growth.
  5. The program will provide the community with entry level radiographers for employment in the healthcare setting. JRC ERT 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850 Chicago, IL 60606-3182 (312) 704-5300 (312) 704-5304.
  6. Radiology Program Goals and Objectives
  7. To provide students with a balance of instruction in radiologic technology courses as well as support courses.
  8. To provide students with knowledge and skill to perform radiologic technology procedures.
  9. To facilitate development of applied skills in effective communication, critical thinking, and problem solving in the practice of radiography.
  10. To provide clinical experience compliment didactic instruction and develop clinical skills required for professional practice.
  11. To provide an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.
  12. To promote values of compassion, respect, understanding, and dignity in providing care to patients during imaging procedures.
  13. To provide the health care community with graduate entry level radiographers skilled in diagnostic imaging procedures.
Foundation courses are required prior to admission to the program. The following Required Courses, plus a minimum of 9 General Education units, must be completed by the end of the Spring Semester with a grade of C or better in each course to be considered for the Fall (August) class:
Survey of Medical Terminology3
Anatomy and Physiology4-5
General Human Anatomy
Radiologic Electronics4
Introduction to Radiography4
Intermediate Algebra4
Combined Algebra I and II
Required Courses are listed in suggested sequence:
RADT 148 C Radiology Imaging Techniques (formerly Radiologic Technology)4
RADT 150 C Radiographic Positioning I (formerly Radiologic Positioning)5
RADT 153 CRadiography Patient Care3
HS 147 CSurvey of Disease3
RADT 247 CRadiographic Positioning II5
RADT 251 CRadiology Externship7
RADT 162 CRadiology Special Procedures3
RADT 252 CRadiobiology1.5
RADT 253 CRadiation Laws and Ethics1.5
RADT 254 CClinical Internship I6.5
RADT 196 CSelected Topics I1
RADT 255 CClinical Internship II12
RADT 197 CSelected Topics II1
RADT 260 CFluoroscopy Permit Course3
RADT 256 CClinical Internship III12
RADT 198 CSelected Topics III1
NOTE: Non-refundable supplemental materials charges will apply to some of the above courses in this program.
CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES (Recommended but not required):
Cross-Sectional Imaging1
Total Units69.5