Description of Courses

The following section includes a description of every course which may be studied at Cypress College. The prerequisite(s) for the class is stated, if applicable. The program of instruction related to the numbering of courses is divided into major categories:

  • College and university parallel courses (transfer courses) have title numbers ranging from 100 through 299. If appropriate to the student’s major, they usually will be accepted as transfer units to institutions of higher education for their full credit value.
  • Several general education courses, in addition to occupational, vocational and technical courses will bear the title numbers ranging from 001 through 099 and generally are not transferable to institutions of higher education except as they apply to major programs in the California State Universities. Students are advised to confer with their counselors regarding the transferability of these courses to particular colleges or universities. Students entering Cypress College should consult with college counselors in planning their programs of study. The faculty and counseling staff of Cypress College will assist students in every way possible to make wise vocational and educational plans. Students, however, must assume the responsibility for their own choices and plans.

NON-DEGREE CREDIT courses indicated as NON-DEGREE CREDIT do earn credit, but the credit is not counted toward the Associate Degree. These classes are intended to help students gain the skills they need to perform in college level degree applicable courses. NON-DEGREE CREDIT classes count toward the following categories:

  • Athletic Eligibility
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Work Study and Financial Aid
  • Veterans’ Benefits
  • Associated Student Body Office
  • Full-Time Status

All other Cypress College courses are degree applicable.

UC/CSU designated courses are transferable to the campuses of the University of California and the California State University system. Those courses that are not marked UC are not transferable to the University of California campuses. Confer with a counselor for information regarding transferability of courses marked UC Limitation. Students can view a complete list of Cypress College courses that are transferable to the UC at

CSU GE — These courses satisfy general education breadth requirements for California State Universities (CSU campuses).

AA GE (Native) — Courses which satisfy general education requirements for the Associate Degree.

IGETC Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum is a series of courses that Cypress College students may use to satisfy lower division general education requirements at any CSU or UC campus.

CUL DIV — Courses with the Cultural Diversity designation are ones which meet the Cypress College Cultural Diversity graduation requirement.

RDG — Courses with the Reading Proficiency designation are ones which meet the Cypress College reading proficiency graduation requirement.