General Education Certification (GE) and Pass Along

Students planning to graduate from the California State University or University of California systems must complete a minimum number of general education breadth courses. Cypress College is permitted to certify completion of the lower division general education requirement. Certification is not automatic. To meet general education requirements and obtain certification, students must:

  • Complete the pattern of general education courses approved for Cypress College.
  • Apply for GE certification through the Admissions and Records Office or online at during the semester in which requirements will be completed or thereafter. Note: Students applying for completion of an approved Associate Degree at Cypress College requiring CSU GE or IGETC do not need to apply.

Students with transcripts from other educational institutions should see a counselor to obtain a supplemental “pass along” form which must be attached to the certification application. Courses completed at educational institutions outside the United States cannot be used for “pass along” and these courses must be evaluated by the university during the application process. Students do not have to be currently enrolled in Cypress College to apply for GE certification.