Liberal Arts AA Degree: Math and Science Emphasis

Cypress College 2019-2020

The Liberal Arts degree with Area of Emphasis provides students with the opportunity to earn a degree within a broad liberal arts education, allowing them to understand the intellectual relationships between various disciplines in a broader Area of Emphasis.  Earning an Associate Degree may or may not be the most effective path to fulfilling transfer requirements. The courses listed for each Area of Emphasis in the Cypress College catalog do not reflect major preparation requirements at any specific university, but some may be used to fulfill local university requirements. Reminder: Students with catalog rights for 2012 or prior, meet with a Counselor to confirm if courses taken at that time are applicable to the Math & Science emphasis and the Transfer Center for information regarding selection of an appropriate general education pattern and pertinent classes, as well as your intended major at the specific colleges/universities of choice.

Requirements for the Liberal Arts Degree with Area of Emphasis include: 

  • Completion of Cypress College Native General Education requirements; California State University General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE Breadth) or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC).

  • Completion of at least 18 units in an Area of Emphasis from those outlined below.(Note: Where appropriate, courses in the Area of Emphasis may also be counted for a GE area).

  • A 2.0 (C) overall GPA and a 2.0 (C) in all courses taken in the Area of Emphasis.
  • Effective Fall 2017 - Fulfillment of all graduation requirements, to include local requirements of a minimum of one (1) unit of coursework approved for Physical Activity and Health and three (3) units of coursework approved for Cultural Diversity for a total of 60 transferable units.

Liberal Arts Degree: Math and Science Emphasis

The Math and Science option under Liberal Arts is an ideal choice for students planning on transferring to the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC).  Students are able to satisfy both their transfer institution’s general education requirements, plus focus on transfer major preparation course work required by the four-year university. The Area of Emphasis listed below includes courses that transfer to CSU and/or UC. Courses in BOLD are transferable to UC. Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the information below is accurate and timely. However, this information is unofficial and should be checked against the official information found on the ASSIST website @

This degree emphasizes the natural sciences which examine the physical universe, its life forms, and its natural phenomena.  Courses in Math emphasize the development of mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills beyond the level of intermediate algebra.  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the methodologies of science as investigative tools. Students will also examine the influence that the acquisition of scientific knowledge has on the development of the world’s civilization. Students will also examine the influence that the acquisition of scientific knowledge has on the developmental of the world’s civilizations.

Select 18 or more units from at least 2 discipline areas:
Biological Anthropology3
Honors Biological Anthropology
Biological Anthropology Lab1
Introduction to Forensic Anthropology3
Introduction to Astronomy3
Honors Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomy Lab1
Honors Astronomy Lab
General Biology5
Honors General Biology
Human Biology3
Environmental Science3
Nutrition & World Food Issues3
Marine Biology4
Biology of Cells and Tissues4
Evolution and Biodiversity4
Anatomy and Physiology5
Medical Microbiology4
General Human Anatomy4
General Human Physiology4
Ecology and Physiology4
Molecular Biology4
Chemistry for Daily Life4
Chemistry for Health Science Majors l4
Chemistry and Society3
Physical Science for Teachers4
Preparation for General Chemistry5
General Chemistry I5
General Chemistry II5
Chemistry for Health Science Majors II4
Physical Geography3
Physical Geography - Lab1
Weather and Climate3
Physical Geology3
Honors Physical Geology
Physical Geology Laboratory1
Historical Geology4
Earth Science for Teachers4
Physical Geology Field Lab1
Geology of California3
Natural Disasters3
Introduction to Oceanography3
Intro to Oceanography Lab1
Environmental Geology3
Liberal Arts Mathematics3
Math for Prospective Teachers4
Finite Mathematics4
Introduction to Probability and Statistics4
Survey of Calculus4
College Algebra4
Calculus I4
Calculus II4
Multivariable Calculus4
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations5
Physical Science for Teachers (same as CHEM 104 C)4
Elementary Physics4
College Physics I4
College Physics II4
Physics for Life Sciences I4
Physics for Life Sciences II4
General Physics I4
General Physics II4
General Physics III4
Probability and Statistics: Social Sciences (same as SOC 161 C)4
Honors Probability and Statistics-Social Sciences (Same as SOC 161HC)
Probability and Statistics-Social Sciences (same as PSY 161 C)4
Honors Probability and Statistics-Social Sciences (Same as PSY 161HC)

SPECIAL NOTE: This degree is an Associate Degree designed for transfer students; however, it does not qualify as an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) for CSU priority admission consideration. Please see a counselor for more information on differences in degree options offered at Cypress College for transfer students.