Legacy Program

Established in 2000, the Cypress College Legacy Program is the first community college program in Orange County to focus on the study of the African-American experience. Set in a supportive academic environment, students create close bonds with peers, professors, and Cypress College staff as they participate in a variety of events on and off campus. The two-semester program is designed to offer underrepresented students an opportunity to transfer successfully to a four-year institution and to excel in university-level work. Legacy combines academic, community, and mentoring components to foster a positive, well-rounded college experience.

Legacy students are enrolled in special sections of core courses with the goal of completing a minimum of four transfer eligible courses while in the program.

  • ENGLISH — Legacy students take ENGL 060 C and ENGL 100 C consecutively. These classes work to improve students’ basic written language skills and to help them develop research methods and critical reading and thinking skills.
  • COUNSELING — Legacy students also take COUN 150 C and COUN 160 C consecutively. These classes help Legacy students improve their study skills, explore career options, develop an academic educational plan, and identify lifetime goals.
  • ETHNIC STUDIES — While taking ENGL 100 C, Legacy students will be concurrently enrolled in ETHS 129 C. These classes offer complementary curriculum so students will be able to take material they learn from both classes to improve their knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the African-American experience.
  • MENTORING — The Legacy Program matches each student with a mentor from the Cypress College faculty and staff who will offer guidance, support, and encouragement during the program year.
  • SPECIAL ACTIVITIES — Students participate in Legacy sponsored campus and community programs and events throughout the year. The Legacy Program is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about African-American history and culture while developing the skills necessary to be a successful college student.