Student Success and Support Program

The Student Success and Support Program is a set of services provided to all students as a means of ensuring their academic success. It is legally defined as an agreement between the college and its students. This legislation ensures that every community college student will be afforded the same opportunity for services and to achieve academic success. The college goal is to make the institution a place of easy access and success for students to achieve their educational goals and economic gain. The five components or services which create an easy step-by-step process to introduce Cypress College students to higher education are:

  • Admissions: The information contained in the college application becomes part of the student’s official record. This office registers students and records grades, program changes, graduation, and transfer requirements.
  • Assessment: The purpose is to gather as much information as needed on new students. Counselors review assessment scores, transcripts, current study skills, language skills, goals, majors, career aspirations, and the need for special services. Testing is necessary for a first time student if there are no previous records. Assessing student skills aids in making the best educational choices.
  • Orientation: Prior to registration, New and Returning students are required to attend a one and one-half hour group orientation/­counseling session. During this session the counselor will review the College Catalog, Class Schedule, services, programs, certificates, degrees, majors, general college procedures, and college regulations. Using test scores, previous transcripts, course prerequisites, and course selection, the counselor and student will develop a 1st semester education plan. Online orientation is available at your myGateway account under the Student Tab. If you do complete the online orientation, you will need to meet with a counselor to complete your 1st semester education plan. After registration, Educational Planning COUN 140 C or COUN 140HC is offered to assist the student in completing their individualized Student Education Plan.
  • Counseling/Advising: All students are encouraged to visit their counselor and confer with instructors periodically throughout the year. Counselors are also available through their email address, located in the Programs and Course Descriptions section of this catalog under Counseling and Student Development. A Student Educational Plan should be on file in each student’s academic record after completion of 15 units. Faculty advising is available through instructors’ posted office hours.
  • Student Progress/Follow Up: Students who excel in their course work are placed on either the Dean’s Honor Roll or the President’s Honor Roll. Information regarding scholarship and Honors is available within this catalog. Students encountering difficulty in courses are referred to appropriate college services by counselors and instructors. Additional referrals are made to assist students with special needs.

Students may be exempt from certain Matriculation services if they are a graduate from an accredited U.S. college or university with an Associate of Arts degree or higher. However, they will not be eligible for priority registration (Student Success Act 2012).

Student Rights

All matriculated students have the right to challenge or appeal any step in the matriculation process and may:

  1. Enroll in any class where prerequisites are met.
  2. Challenge course placement decision.
  3. Request a waiver of prerequisites for a course, if it is offered, not validated, or if able to demonstrate previous knowledge.
  4. File a complaint of discrimination if prerequisites are being applied in a prejudicial manner.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of these services, please contact the Student Success and Support Program Office at (714) 484-7097.