Law Enforcement Skills Development Skills Certificate

(Approved by the NOCCCD Board of Trustees. Not approved by State Chancellor’s Office. Not eligible for Financial Aid)

The Law Enforcement Skills Development Skills Certificate requires the completion of 17 units, of which 9.5 units are in required courses. An additional 7.5 units must be taken from the restricted electives listed below. This certificate is intended to meet the basic requirements of California Penal Code 13510 in raising the competence level of current and aspiring law enforcement personnel. A grade of C or better is required course taken, with the exception of AJ 079 F (CR/NC). At least one half of the units toward the certificate must be completed at Fullerton College.

Required Courses (9.5 units):
AJ 079 F Law Enforcement Career Preparation0.5
AJ 100 F Introduction to Criminal Justice (formerly Introduction to Law Enforcement)3
AJ 110AFCriminal Law3
AJ 151 FPolice Report Writing3
Restricted Electives (7.5 units):7.5
Parolee Contacts1.5
Health and Safety 11550 - Drug Influence0.5
Emergency Management1.5
Preventing Racial Profiling0.5
Investigating Domestic Terrorism1
Cultural Diversity1
Organized Crime1
Multi-Agency Task Forces0.5
Lifetime Fitness for Law Enforcement2
Domestic Violence0.5
Police Vehicle Pursuits2
Child Abuse and Child Pornography0.5
Law Enforcement Instructor Development2
Crime Scene Investigation1
DNA Genetic Fingerprinting0.5
Preventing Sexual Harassment0.5
CAD/Crime Scene Application0.5
Total Units17

Outcome 1: Correctly identify four important responsibilities related to the peace officer function and devise personal action plans to effectively prepare for future law enforcement test or hiring inquiries.

Outcome 2: Discuss the history of law enforcement from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present and understand the organization of a typical police department according to modern concepts.

Outcome 3: Formulate basic legal theory using the principles of act, intent, concurrence and causation.

Outcome 4: Identify the use of police reports as well as the importance of taking thorough notes and record a series of events in chronological order.