Business and Technology Certificate

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems


The Business and Technology Certificate takes a two tiered approach that will prepare a student with practical business and key technical skills in a field of their choice. This certificate positions a student to seek and obtain employment in the technical field suited to their unique skills set. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken. This certificate requires a total of 33-35 units.

Required Courses (22 units):
BUS 111 FBusiness Communications3
BUS 151 FBusiness Mathematics3
BUS 262 FPrinciples of Management3
BUS 266 F Human Relations in Organizations (formerly Human Relations in Business)3
CIS 100 F Introduction to Personal Computers4
or CIS 111 F Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 123 F Beginning Word Processing (MS Word) (formerly Word Processing)3
MKT 208 FPrinciples of Selling3
Restricted Electives (11-13 units):11-13
The student must complete four electives for a total of 11-13 units. The electives must be pre-approved by the counselor and program coordinator and determined to be required for the student's career path. Electives may be from any ONE of the following career areas:
Business Internship (formerly BUS 061 F)2-4
Students must take career area courses equal to 9 units from any of ONE of the topic areas below:
Auto Technology
Interior Design
Machine Technology
Printing Technology
NOTE: The student is responsible for completing any necessary prerequisites.
Total Units33-35

Outcome 1: Use a working vocabulary of business terminology.

Outcome 2: Identify basic computer concepts, terms and functions.

Outcome 3: Analyze a routine business request and respond with a written letter that illustrates good business writing skills.