Communication Studies Associate in Arts Degree


The Communication Studies Associate in Arts Degree is designed to prepare students to identify and solve communication problems, to facilitate effective communication in professional and interpersonal interactions to develop collaborative forms of problem solving and decision making. While a baccalaureate degree is recommended preparation for those considering communication focused careers in fields such as education. training and development, sales, community relations, public relations, the ministry, law, business, entertainment, nonprofit organizations and government, completion of this curriculum will demonstrate commitment to the field and provide comprehensive preparation for upper-division work. This degree requires 18-20 units, of which 8 units are in required courses. An additional 10 to 12 units must be chosen from the restricted electives listed below.

Required Courses (8 units):8
Public Speaking4
Essentials of Argumentation4
Restricted Electives - Category A: Select at least 3 units from the following courses (3 units):3
NOTE: As students complete the requirements for the Communication Studies Associate in Arts Degree, they would be permitted to take COMM 138 F up to four times (since the course is permitted to be repeated three times), and a total of 3 units would be applied towards degree credit.
Interpersonal Communication
Intercultural Communication
Small Group Communication
COMM 138 FForensics2
Restricted Electives - Category B: Senect any other courses from Category A, and/or any courses from the following (7-9 units):7-9
Introduction to Radio, TV and Film3
Broadcast TV and Radio Announcing3
Oral Interpretation3
Voice for the Actor3
Total Units20-22

Outcome 1: Analyze, construct, and deliver speeches on contemporary sociopolitical issues.

Outcome 2: Criticize and evaluate a variety of public discourse.