Residential Design Certificate


The Residential Design Certificate Program requires a completion of not less than 49-50 units of which 32-33 units are in required courses. An additional 17 units must be chosen from the restricted units listed below. A minimum grade of C is required for all courses.

Required Courses (32-33 units)
FASH 206 FTextiles4
IDES 100 F Fundamentals of Interior Design3
IDES 105 FInterior Design Studio I2
IDES 110 F Drafting for Interior Design (formerly Drafting - Interior Design)3
IDES 130 F Applied Color and Design Theory4
IDES 150 F Interior Materials and Products4
IDES 170 FSpace Planning I3
IDES 180 F History of Architecture and Furnishings I (formerly History of Architecture I)3
IDES 190 F History of Architecture and Furnishings II (formerly History of Interior Architecture II)3
IDES 215 FInterior Design Studio II2
IDES 240 FInterior Design Internship2-4
Restricted Electives (17 units)17
Architectural Drawing I3
Architectural CAD I3
Basic Design3
Drawing for Non-Art Majors3
Basic Drawing3
Western Art History - Prehistory to 14th Century (formerly ART 112 F)3
Western Art History - 15th to 20th Century (formerly ART 113 F)3
Honors Western Art History - 15th to 20th Century (formerly ART 113HF)
Western Art History - 19th to 21st Century (formerly ART 114 F)3
Residential Plumbing and Mechanical Systems3
Display and Visual Merchandising (formerly Visual Merchandising)2
Kitchen and Bath Design2
IDES 120 F
Interior Illustration I2
Fundamentals of Lighting3
Business and Professional Practice3
Study of International Architecture and Design2
Total Units50-52