Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist Level I Certificate


The Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist Level I Certificate is designed to teach students the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for entry-level massage therapist positions. This certificate requires a total of 34 units (792 hours) of required courses. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken. At least half the units toward the certificate must be taken at Fullerton College. Students must present current CPR and First Aid cards to receive certificate.

Required Courses (34 units):
BIOL 102 FHuman Biology3
BIOL 102LFHuman Biology Laboratory1
WELL 110 F Pathology: The Massage Connection3
WELL 230 FThe Body-Mind Connection3
WELL 232 F Basic Introduction to Massage4
WELL 233 FIntermediate Massage3
WELL 234 FAdvanced Massage3
WELL 236 FSports Massage3
WELL 240 F Massage and Bodywork Skills Lab2
WELL 250 FClinical Massage and Bodywork2
WELL 265 F Movement Anatomy (formerly titled Kinesiology)3
WELL 270 FSports Internship2
WELL 290 F Adaptive Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork2
Total Units34

Outcome 1: Demonstrate knowledge of the various systems of the body and pathologies of these systems that can contraindicate or benefit from massage.

Outcome 2: Use the results of health intake forms and physical assessments to formulate and administer effective individualized massage treatments.