Program #37585

The Self-Advocacy Certificate Program is designed to improve the students’ ability to comfortably speak for themselves in the community and workplace. The program focuses on students understanding all aspects of their personal rights and how to advocate for what is right in the community, workplace and at home.

Core Courses
DSPS 360 Making a Plan for Self-Advocacy60
DSPS 362 Advocating for Life and Vocational Goals60
DSPS 364 Interacting with Authority and Emergency Personnel 60
Total Hours180
First Year
Fall TermHoursWinter TermHoursSpring TermHours
DSPS 36060DSPS 36260DSPS 36460
 60 60 60
Total Hours 180

DSPS 360 60 Hours Making a Plan for Self-Advocacy

Students will examine personal strengths and skills as well as areas that need improvement in order to be successful in advocating for their chosen life or vocational goal. Students will also research resources pertaining to their goal in order to prepare a plan for advocating for their life or vocational goal. (Apportionment)

DSPS 362 60 Hours Advocating for Life and Vocational Goals

This course provides students with disabilities with knowledge, skills and resources to make decisions and communicate needs for determining their own life and vocational path. Students will learn about disabilities and adaptive skills to mitigate personal disabilities. Students will learn and practice effective communication techniques. (Apportionment)

DSPS 364 60 Hours Interacting with Authority and Emergency Personnel

This course will prepare students with disabilities for interaction with police and emergency personnel. Topics include an overview of the criminal justice system, rights of individuals if taken into custody and reporting victimization. This course also prepares students for interaction with fire, medical, and emergency medical personnel. (Apportionment)