Workplace Preparation

Program #24250

This sequence provides skills necessary to enhance employability of students with  disabilities. It offers a foundation of basic skills that increase the direct and indirect job skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining employment. Among the skills that students will develop are the ability to: locate job opportunities; problem solve; set appropriate vocational goals; develop a budget and manage personal finances with the use of computer technology. Counselors provide accommodations and services to assist students throughout their time in the Program. A Job Transition Specialist refers students to appropriate employment opportunities and agencies. In addition, the Program maintains relationships with vocational agencies and employers that enhance students' opportunities for obtaining employment.

Core Courses
DSPS 260 Introduction to Checking Accounts60
DSPS 265 Exploring Your Occupational Path30
DSPS 270 Work Attitudes and Employer Expectations30
DSPS 275 Paying Bills60
DSPS 280 Landing a Job30
DSPS 285 Budgeting for Apartment Living60
Total Hours270
First Year
Fall TermHoursWinter TermHoursSpring TermHours
DSPS 26530DSPS 27030DSPS 28030
DSPS 26060DSPS 27560DSPS 28560
 90 90 90
Total Hours 270

DSPS 260 60 Hours Introduction to Checking Accounts

A quick paced course designed to provide students with disabilities with basic banking skills including writing checks and depositing paychecks. (Apportionment)

DSPS 265 30 Hours Exploring Your Occupational Path

This course is intended to assist adults with disabilities in establishing a clear and realistic occupational goal. Students will assess their interests and abilities in order to establish attainable objectives to achieve their goal. Students will also explore resources for seeking employment in their chosen occupational field. (Apportionment)

DSPS 270 30 Hours Work Attitudes and Employer Expectations

This course is intended to prepare students for successful employment by introducing them to appropriate on-the-job behavior, communication, attitude and work ethic. Students will also be introduced to the importance of workplace safety and customer service. (Apportionment)

DSPS 275 60 Hours Paying Bills

A quick paced course designed to provide students with disabilities with basic money management skills including use of an ATM and bill paying. (Apportionment)

DSPS 280 30 Hours Landing a Job

This course is designed to introduce students with disabilities to filling-out and submitting both written and online job applications. This course will also introduce students to effective job interview preparation, technique and attire. (Apportionment)

DSPS 285 60 Hours Budgeting for Apartment Living

A quick paced course designed to provide money-management skills for employed students with developmental or learning disabilities living in their own apartment. (Apportionment)