Electronics - Consumer and Computer Program

Program #24405

This program will prepare students to work in an entry-level position in a small electronics business assisting in the repair and/or sales of electronic equipment including home entertainment equipment and computers.

Core Courses
ELET 100 Basic Electronics for Video, Audio and Computer48
ELET 112 Electronic Service Technology48
ELET 116 Personal Computer Repair, Beginning48
Total Hours144

ELET 100 48 Hours Basic Electronics for Video, Audio and Computer

This course offers the fundamentals of basic electronics, including electronics theory with a focus on analog electronics. Students receive practical lab experience to understand and troubleshoot circuits. This course is a starting point for students preparing for a career as an electronic technician. (Apportionment)

ELET 112 48 Hours Electronic Service Technology

Prerequisite(s): Basic electronic knowledge Course reviews AC/DC theory and baisc electronic circuits.

Learn to use electronic test equipment and hook up home entertainment equipment. Proceed with testing, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance or radio, TV, VCR, microwave and DVD/CD player. Purchase of small electronic kit as specified by instructor required. Basic knowledge of electronics recommended. (Apportionment)

ELET 116 48 Hours Personal Computer Repair, Beginning

Covers the fundamentals of computer repair and maintenance through the study of theory, terminology, troubleshooting of IBM compatible Personal Computers and hands-on training. (Apportionment)