ESL Advanced

Program #37674

This is an integrated language program. The program has three required courses: ESL Fundamentals, Advanced; ESL and Civics Education, Advanced; and ESL Learning Center. The Fundamentals course is designed to give students the practice to improve their fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing based on topics relevant to their lives, experiences and goals. The Civics Education applies language skills within the context of civics-related topics with the goals of helping students access community resources and have the tools needed to become active community participants. The ESL Learning Center provides students with individualized skill-building activities to reinforce the learning objectives covered in the required courses.

Core Courses
ESLA 164 ESL Fundamentals, Advanced168
ESLA 174 ESL and Civics Education, Advanced 84
ESLA 001 ESL Learning Center12
Total Hours264
First Year
Fall TermHoursWinter TermHours
ESLA 164168ESLA 17484
ESLA 0016ESLA 0016
 174 90
Total Hours 264

ESLA 001 1-200 Hours ESL Learning Center

The ESL Learning Center offers an opportunity to practice English through various instructional media. Students learn through ESL software and/or receive individual and group tutoring to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Special interest areas such as Vocational ESL and EL Civics are also part of the instruction. (Apportionment)

ESLA 164 168 Hours ESL Fundamentals, Advanced

This is a four-skill language course where students will improve their fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing based on topics relevant to students' lives, experiences and goals. Grammatical structures will be integrated into language practice activities. Improving accuracy is a focus of the course. (Apportionment)

ESLA 174 84 Hours ESL and Civics Education, Advanced

This course partners with ESL Fundamentals to complete the Advanced level of ESL. In this course, students will apply learned language skills to accessing community resources and being an active community participant. Language fluency development is focused on helping students navigate the many ins and outs of their communities.Civics topics will be chosen each term based on the needs of the students. (Apportionment)