ESL Oral Communication Skills

Program #24062

The goal of this sequence of courses is to develop students' receptive language skills of listening and productive skills of speaking to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts, including academic and vocational. The pronunciation instruction focuses on intelligibility so that students can meet communication demands of a particular job or academic program. Communication strategies include ability to adjust one's speech to be understood and ability to sustain formal and informal conversations on practical, academic, and social topics.

Students will use acquired skills in the context of theatrical performance and oral interpretation in pre-academic setting. This includes knowledge of specific terminology, comprehending short lectures, interpreting a play, and building social skills and confidence necessary for public speaking.

By completing the Drama for Communication or Reading Out Loud course, students may earn credits towards obtaining a High School Diploma.

Core Courses
ESLA 802 ESL Pronunciation/Conversation Skills36
ESLA 809 American Idioms36
ESLA 814 Intermediate Vocabulary Review18
ESLA 805 Drama for Communication90
Total Hours180

ESLA 802 36 Hours ESL Pronunciation/Conversation Skills

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced ESL learners to improve conversation and pronunciation skills in English. It is recommended that participants have English language skills at a Beginning High level. (Apportionment)

ESLA 805 90 Hours Drama for Communication

This ESL course builds students' reading, speaking, and pronunciation skills in the context of theatrical performances. Students will examine human experiences and cultural norms through imagined roles and expand creative thinking. Students will learn history and terminology of the performing arts and build social skills and confidence necessary for public speaking. (Apportionment)

ESLA 809 36 Hours American Idioms

Students will become familiar with common American English idioms, their meanings and uses and demonstrate the application of idioms to everyday situations. In addition, students will learn the skills of deducing the meaning of the new vocabulary from context and become more comfortable sharing their opinions and experiences while practicing the target idioms. (Apportionment)

ESLA 814 18 Hours Intermediate Vocabulary Review

Students will review, expand, and retain vocabulary words and phrases organized by commonly used topics. Students will work on using approximately twenty-five practical target words per class in oral and written exercises. This course is designed for the ESL students placed in the Intermediate Low, Intermediate High, and Advanced levels. (Apportionment)