ESL Written Communication Skills

Program #24117

The goal of this sequence is to develop students' receptive skills of reading and productive skills of writing to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts, including academic and vocational. Competency-based reading instruction includes survival literacy addressing students’ day-to-day needs, document literacy needed to understand charts, tables, bills, etc., quantitative literacy containing numeric information, and prose literacy focusing on understanding extensive texts like vocational manuals, literature pieces, short academic passages, periodicals, etc.

The goal of the writing instruction is an independent writer equally successful in an academic or job-related setting. Students will use acquired skills in pre-academic setting of the ESL and the Arts course, which will include writing a research paper, an essay, and preparing a PowerPoint presentation. By completing the ESL and the Arts course, students may earn credits towards obtaining a High School Diploma.

Core Courses
ESLA 804 ESL and the Arts36
ESLA 813 Intermediate Grammar Review18
ESLA 810 Writing/Reading60
Total Hours114

ESLA 804 36 Hours ESL and the Arts

This course builds students' reading comprehension, writing, and speaking skills in the context of thematic and aesthetic exploration of arts. Students will identify common artistic themes while comparing and contrasting a variety of aesthetic forms, styles, and periods. This interactive course includes visiting museums, watching performances, and listening to guest speakers. (Apportionment)

ESLA 810 60 Hours Writing/Reading

This ESL course emphasizes reading comprehension skills while building vocabulary and critical thinking skills for students who are at an intermediate level or high. In addition, the writing component is designed to acquaint students with writing skills required to develop college- level writing techniques by focusing on prewriting, outlining, drafting, revising and editing. (Apportionment)

ESLA 813 18 Hours Intermediate Grammar Review

Students will learn to understand grammar structures in various contexts and practice using them in both oral and written communication. This class supplements core ESL courses or works as a stand-alone course. This course is designed for the ESL students placed in the Intermediate Low, Intermediate High, and Advanced levels. (Apportionment)