Construction (CONS)

CONS 100 36 Hours Electrical Wiring and Safety I

Covers basic electrical theory, terms, residential wiring techniques, grounding, basic switching circuits, residential load calculations and services. Based on current National Electrical Code (NEC). (Apportionment)

CONS 101 36 Hours Electrical Wiring and Safety II

Course covers commercial wiring, conduit systems, over-current protection, polyphase distribution, grounding, voltage-drop equations and lighting. Based on the current National Electrical Code (NEC). (Apportionment)

CONS 121 36 Hours Contracting License

This course is designed for students interested in exploring career opportunities in general contracting and sub-contracting, current contractors interested in enhancing their business and law skills, and students who want to prepare for the California Contracting License Examination by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). (Apportionment)

CONS 138 48 Hours Room Addition Fundamentals

This course covers the fundamentals of residential construction and the sequence of events that take place for a room addition. This includes preparing the required plans, obtaining city building permits and communicating with city building inspectors. The course will also cover project management and legal considerations. (Apportionment)

CONS 142 36 Hours Electrical Wiring and Safety III

Course covers industrial wiring, conduit systems, over-current protection, transformer circuits, electrical motors, motor repairs, motor control circuit, and electrical installations. Based on Current "National Electrical Code"(NEC). trips to various electrical installations. (Apportionment)

CONS 201 30 Hours Electrician Certification - State Test Preparation

This course covers the 16 areas of the 1999 National Electrical Code that the State of California has designed the State Certification test after. Ohm's Law and electrical calculations will also be covered. Students must bring the 1999 National Electrical Code (NEC) book and a calculator to the first class. (Fee-Based)

CONS 225 36 Hours Construction Math

A review of basic mathematics focusing on its application to common calculations used in the construction trades. Course covers arithmetic operators, word problems, fractions, angles, metric measuring systems and algebraic formulas. (Fee-Based)

CONS 230 36 Hours Introduction to Blueprint Reading

An introduction to blueprint reading using a fundamental approach, this course will familiarize trainees with basic blueprint terms, components and symbols. Trainees will learn the different types of blue print drawings (civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing/piping, and electrical) and how to interpret and use drawing dimensions. (Apportionment)