Course Prefixes

ACCT Accounting
AC-R Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
ACR Automotive Collision Repair
AJ Administration of Justice
ANTH Anthropology
ASTR Astronomy
AT Automotive Technology
ATC Aviation and Travel Careers
BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CIS Computer Information Systems (Business)
COMM Communication Studies
COUN Counseling and Student Development
CSCI Computer Science (Mathematics)
CTRP Court Reporting
DA Dental Assisting
DANC Dance
DH Dental Hygiene
DMS Diagnostic Medical Sonography
ECON Economics
EDU Education
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENGT Engineering Technology
ESL English as a Second Language
EST Energy Sustainable Technology
ETHS Ethnic Studies
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GIS Geographic Information Systems
HI Health Information Technology
HIST History
HRC Hotel, Resturant, Culinary Arts
HS Health Science
HSCE Health Science - Continuing Education
HUSR Human Services
INDS Interdisciplinary Studies
JAPN Japanese
JOUR Communications/Journalism
LIB Library
MAD Media Arts Design
MATH Mathematics
MGT Management
MKT Marketing
MORT Mortuary Science
MUS Music
MUSA Applied Music
NURS Nursing
PE Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy and Religious Studies
PHOT Photography
PHSC Physical Science
PHYS Physics
PORT Portuguese
POSC Political Science
PSY Psychology
PT Psychiatric Technology
RADT Radiologic Technology
REC Recreation
SOC Sociology
SOSC Social Science
SPAN Spanish
THEA Theater Arts