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Previous versions of the Cypress College catalog are made available because the courses required for a specific degree or certificate, or general education may change from one catalog to the next and, therefore, may change during the period of time that a student attends the college. Catalog rights, established when a student first takes classes at the college, protect the student from being held for additional requirements that may be added to a later catalog.

For more information, see the “Catalog Rights” section of the catalog.

2022-2023 Catalog PDF   |     E-Catalog   |    Addendum 

2021-2022 Catalog  PDF    |    E-Catalog    |   Addendum

2020-2021 Catalog  PDF    |    E-Catalog    |   Addendum

2019-2020 Catalog  PDF    |    E-Catalog    |   Addendum

2018-2019 Catalog   PDF    |    Addendum

2017-2018 Catalog  PDF

2016-2017 Catalog  PDF 

2015-2016 Catalog PDF  

2014-2015 Catalog PDF  

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2003-2004 Catalog  PDF  

2002-2003 Catalog  PDF 

2001-2002 Catalog  PDF  

Versions of the catalog prior to the 2001-2002 academic year are unavailable in electronic format. To request a copy prior to the 2001-2002 academic year, please visit Cypress College Course Catalog & Schedule of Classes Request Form also, see Cypress College Website