Cypress College Administration and Organizational Structure

President Dr. JoAnna Schilling
Vice President, Administrative Services Alexander Porter
Vice President, Instruction Dr. Kathleen Reiland (Interim)
Vice President, Student Services Dr. Paul de Dios
Executive Director, Foundation and Community Relations Howard Kummerman
Director, Institutional Research and Planning Bryan Ventura
Director, Campus Communications Marc Posner

President, Dr. JoAnna Schilling

Vice President, Administrative Services
Vice President, Instruction

Vice President, Student Services
Campus Communications
Campus Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Foundation and Community Relations
Institutional Research and Planning
Professional Development

Vice President, Administrative Services - Alexander Porter

Academic Computing — (Vacant) Manager, Systems Technology Services

  • Media Services
  • Teaching Learning Center
  • Telecommunications

Campus Safety — Director (Vacant)

  • Emergency Preparedness

Bookstore — Follett Higher Education Group
Business and Auxiliary Services
Campus Accounting — Dao Do, Manager
Facilities Use and Rentals
Financial and Business Support Services
Grant Support Services
Physical Plant and Facilities — Philip Fleming, Director

  • Maintenance and Operations — Anthony Fowler, Manager
  • Mailroom

Faculty and Staff Service Center Coordination

Vice President, Instruction - Dr. Kathleen Reiland (Interim)

Business/Computer Information Systems (CIS) — Dr. Henry Hua, Dean

  • Dual Enrollment
  • Regional Consortium

Career Technical Education — (Vacant)

  • Economic Development
  • Grants
  • Title 5
  • Perkins

Fine Arts — Dr. Katy Realista, Dean

  • Instructional Development
  • Patrons of the Arts

Health Science — Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Interim Dean

  • Health Services — Marla McBride, Director
  • Nursing Director— Colleen Peralta
  • Dental Hygiene Director - <VACANT>

Kinesiology and Athletics — Colin Preston, Dean

  • Athletic Director — Wesley McCurtis

Language Arts — Dr. Janet Vera Lopez, Dean

  • Speech and Debate

Library and Learning Resources — Dr. Treisa Cassens, Dean

  • Distance Education
  • English Success Center (ESC)
  • Language Lab/Open Computer Lab
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Library
  • Math Learning Center (MLC)
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Tutoring Center

Science, Engineering and Math — David Vakil, Interim Dean

Social Sciences — Dr. Lisa Gaetje, Dean

  • Honors
  • Teacher Preparation Program Coordination

Vice President, Student Services - Dr. Paul de Dios

  • Admissions and Records - Dr. David Mosely Booze, Director
    • International Students Program, Yongmi Han, Manager
    • Photo ID
  • Counseling and Student Development - Dr. Troy Davis
    • Articulation
    • Career Planning Center/ Adult Re-Entry Program
    • Counseling
    • Legacy Program
    • Puente Program
    • STEM Program – Yanet Padilla, Director
    • Student Conduct and Discipline
    • Teacher Preparation Program (Counseling Component)
    • Transfer Center - Penny Gabourie, Director
  • Student Equity and Success - Gisela Verduzco, Director
    • Assessment Center
    • Charger Experience Program/NOCCCD Promise
    • Express Counseling
    • Outreach
    • Pledge Center
    • Probation
    • Student Equity
    • Welcome Center
  • Student Support Services - (Vacant)
    • Disability Support Services (DSS) - Celeste Phelps, Director
    • EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, Guardian Scholars, and Grads-to-Be — AnnMarie Ruelas, Director
    • Financial Aid — Gabriela De La Cruz, Director
    • Student Life and Leadership - David Okawa, Director
      • Associated Students
    • Veterans Resource Center - Dr. Juan Carlos Garcia, Counselor/Coordinator

Foundation and Community Relations — Howard Kummerman, Executive Director