Faculty Emeritus

Laura C. Almodovar-Sole Counseling and Student Development
Behnoosh Armani Counseling and Student Development
Nadine Arndt Humanities
Ines Beilke Counseling and Student Development
Robert E. Berryhill Technology and Engineering
Nancy Bjorklund Social Sciences
Lilliam A. Blaschke Natural Sciences
Jacqueline Boll Dean, Library/Learning Resources
Dr. Jo Ann Cherami Brannock Social Sciences
Robert Byde Social Sciences
Lisa Campbell Dean, Counseling and Student Development
Candice Cantrell Business and CIS
Arnold D. Caudill Humanities
Gayle Cebrian Technology and Engineering
Janice E. Chadwick Natural Sciences
Daniel Conforti Social Sciences
Sandro Corsi Fine Arts
Brian L. Couron Counseling and Student Development
Steve Credidio Counseling and Guidance
Steven Dayton Business and CIS
Sharon DeLeon Social Sciences
Elise Donley Mathematics and Computer Science
Cheryl Duhme Math and Computer Science
Ruth Egigian Humanities
Carolyn Facer Mathematics and Computer Science
Nicholas Fuscardo Jr. Physical Education
Kent A. Gordon Natural Sciences
Susan Grabiel Social Sciences
Patricia Green-Pappas Social Sciences
Carolyn Heath Natural Sciences
Bruce Henderson Humanities
Bernadette Archer Hetland Counseling and Student Development
David Hogan Techology and Engineering
Dennis Howey Technology and Engineering
Mela Hoyt-Heydon Fine Arts
Michael Holden Social Sciences
Betty Huck Natural Sciences
Robert Jaurequi Counseling and Student Development
Darlene Jensen Director, Student Affairs
Robert Jensen Fine Arts
Jeff Jesperson Physical Education
Kathi Johnson Humanities
Lena Kane Technology and Engineering
Charles Ketter Fine Arts
Richard A. Kirkham Humanities
Elizabeth Kiszely Humanities
Gus Klentos Mathematics and Computer Science
Mark Allen Knoernschild Humanities
Wei-Ping Kong Humanities
Gary Krinke Fine Arts
Diana Kyle Social Sciences
James J. Linahon Fine Arts
Adela G. Lopez Social Sciences
Connie Lopez Technology and Engineering
Claudia Lowe Social Sciences
Robert Lundergan Humanities
Gene Majors Math and Computer Science
Carol Mattson Counseling
Anthony P. Mazzaferro Fine Arts
Alan McAllister Business and CIS
Ed McCloud Business and CIS
Scott McKenzie Dean, Technology and Engineering
Paul McKinley Director DSPS and Veterans Resource Center
Richard McMillan Fine Arts
Ceclia D. Meisenhelder Counseling and Student Development
Bruce Miller Fine Arts
Robert Miranda Dean, Student Support Services
Rosa Molina Technology and Engineering
Michael Moore Technology and Engineering
Susan H. Nack Mathematics and Computer Science
LeVonne Nelson Social Sciences
Mary C. Nolan-Riegle Natural Sciences
Cathryn O'Donnell Humanities
Gerald Padilla Social Sciences
Elmer Pellegrino Technology and Engineering
Marie L. Perez Technology and Engineering
Shirlee Pledger Humanities
Steven M. Pliska Fine Arts
John Plummer Technology and Engineering
Sharon Portman Humanities
Lynette Pratt Counseling and Student Development
Shawn Quirk English
Delores Reha Business and CIS
Joe S. Reyes, Jr. Counseling and Student Development (EOPS/CARE)
Bonnie Rick Technology and Engineering
Wallce "Vic" Ritter Business and CIS
Karen Robinson Natural Sciences
Carolanne Rodgers Business and CIS
Karen Rose Director, Office of Special Projects
Katharin Rundus Fine Arts
Ricardo Salas Social Sciences
Derry Seaton Social Sciences
Charles Schilling Humanities
Roger See Physical Education
George Sherman Natural Sciences
Linda Shideler Mathematics and Computer Science
Carol G. Shier Humanities
Richard Smead Business and CIS
Robert Smitson Technology and Engineering
Nora Spencer Business and CIS
Dr. Claudia S. Stanger Humanities
Jerry Stokes Technology and Engineering
Pamela Tackabury Humanities
Emily Teipe Social Sciences
Daniel Tesar Dean, Social Sciences
David A. Thomas Technology and Engineering
Patricia Thomas Humanities
Arienne Turner Social Sciences
Eleanor M. Uyeda Business and CIS
Jeffrey Vanderpool Social Sciences
Olivia Veloz DIrector, Academic Support Programs and Services
Sunshine D. Vidal Counseling and Student Development
Leonard Vincent Natural Sciences
Violette Vornicel-Guthmann Humanities
Dr. John T. Walker Social Sciences
Dr. Peter P. Wan Social Sciences
Carol Ward Technology and Engineering
Debi Woelke Physical Education
Greg Woll Fine Arts
Doris Wright Technology and Engineering