Updates to the Catalog


Effective August 2021 to July 2022:

Listed below are updates to the 2021-2022 catalog. This includes new courses, course changes, corrections, and curriculum changes.

  • New courses and course changes are the result of the Exceptions to the Catalog Review Cycle process.
  • Corrections have been identified since the publication of the 2021-2022 catalog.
  • Curriculum changes are the result of State approved received after publication.
  • For updates to other information in the Catalog, please see the appropriate websites (e.g., Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Student Services, etc.)
Item Change Description Date of Update or Effective Term
Anthropology Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer Program Revision State Approved 10/21/2021 2021-2022
Architecture Mini CAD Certificate Program Addition 2020-2021
Autonomous Systems Certificate State Approved 10/19/2021 2020-2021
Conversational Programming Skills Certificate State Approved 10/21/2021 2020-2021
Early Childhood Education Associate in Science Degree for Transfer Program Revision State Approved 10/21/2021 2020-2021
Electro-Mechanical Technician Certificate State Approved 10/29/2021 2020-2021
Finance Skills Certificate Program Addition 2021-2022
Interdisciplinary Studies: Emphasis in Arts and Human Expression Associate in Arts Degree Program Revision 2020-2021
Practical Politics Certificate New Programs Fall 2021
Pre-Nursing Associate in Science Degree New Program Spring 2022
Quick Print/In-Plant Graphics Certificate Program Deletion 2020-2021
Storyboarding Certificate Program Addition 2019-2020
Acting and Performance Level 1 Certificate Elective Courses not showing 2021-2022
Accounting Certificate Added Elective classes ACCT 203 F & BUS 295 F 2019-2020
Dance Teaching Certificate Removed DANC 103 F from Required courses. Moved DANC 115 F from Required to Electives. Added DANC 150 F to Required Fall 2013
Finance Skills Certificate Added BUS 226 F to Elective List Fall 2021
Office Applications Technician Certificate Added MKT 151 F to "Choose 9-10 units from the following list of courses" Fall 2017
Political Science Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer List A: added MATH 120 F & MATH 120HF and added PSY 161 F & PSY 161HF ALSO List B: added POSC 220 F & POSC 250 F Fall 2021
Acting and Performance Level 1 Certificate Added: Concurrent enrollment: (3.5-4.5 units) requirement, ALSO added THEA 299F in Restricted Electives List Fall 2021