Fullerton College Organizational Structure

Fullerton College boasts a robust and well-structured organizational framework designed to effectively serve its students, faculty, staff, and community. At the helm of this dynamic structure is the President, providing visionary leadership and strategic direction for the institution. Working closely with the President is the Executive Assistant, who offers invaluable administrative support and acts as a liaison between the President's Office and other departments.

The organizational structure encompasses several key areas, each led by dedicated professionals who play critical roles in fulfilling the college's mission. The Vice President of Instruction leads the academic realm, focusing on curriculum development, instructional strategies, and educational initiatives. Collaborating with faculty and staff, this office ensures academic excellence and promotes innovative teaching and learning practices.

The Vice President of Student Services takes charge of providing comprehensive support to students, overseeing areas such as admissions, enrollment, counseling, career services, and student activities. This office fosters an inclusive and engaging campus environment that supports student success, well-being, and personal growth.

The Vice President of Administrative Services manages the college's administrative functions, including finance, budgeting, human resources, facilities, technology, and campus safety. This office ensures the effective utilization of resources, sound financial management, well-maintained infrastructure, and a safe campus environment for all.

Supporting the Vice Presidents are various departments and teams that contribute to the seamless functioning of the college. These include areas such as Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Office of Campus Communications, diversity, equity, and inclusion, special projects and initiatives, and board of trustees liaison.

Throughout the organizational structure, there are positions such as deans, directors, and managers who lead specific departments, schools, or programs. They bring their expertise and experience to guide and manage their respective areas, ensuring smooth operations and successful implementation of initiatives.

Together, this well-defined organizational structure at Fullerton College forms a cohesive and collaborative ecosystem. The President, Vice Presidents, and their teams work synergistically, driving innovation, promoting academic excellence, fostering student success, and strengthening ties with the community. With a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Fullerton College's organizational structure supports the college's mission to empower students and prepare them for a bright future.

The Office of the President at Fullerton College is the central pillar of leadership and vision within the institution. This office oversees the strategic direction, academic excellence, and overall operations of the college. With a strong commitment to student success, the president's office works diligently to create an inclusive and empowering environment for learners, faculty, and staff. Through effective decision-making, collaboration, and community engagement, the Office of the President at Fullerton College drives innovation, fosters growth, and shapes the future of education within the college and its wider impact.


Dr. Cynthia Olivo

Executive Assistant
Jean E. Foster
Phone: 714-732-5050
Email: jfoster@fullcoll.edu

Administrative Assistant
Nitzya Hamblet
Phone: 714-732-5051
Email: nhamblet@fullcoll.edu


Vice President of Administrative Services
Henry Hua (Interim)

Vice President of Instruction
Dr. José Ramón Nuñez

Vice President of Student Services
Dr. Gilberto Contreras

Office of Campus Communications
Lisa Berghouse McPheron

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Daniel Berumen

The Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services at Fullerton College is responsible for overseeing a broad range of administrative functions that support the college's operations and ensure efficient and effective delivery of services. This office manages areas such as finance, budgeting, human resources, facilities, technology, and campus safety. By providing strategic leadership and guidance, the Vice President of Administrative Services ensures the college's resources are optimally utilized, campus infrastructure is well-maintained, financial management is sound, and employees have the necessary support and resources to carry out their roles effectively. This office plays a critical role in promoting a productive and safe environment for students, faculty, and staff, while upholding the college's mission and goals.

Vice President of Administrative Services

Henry Hua

Executive Assistant II
Melisa McLellan



Academic Computing Technologies
Khaoi Mady

Larry Lara

Tyler Deacy (Interim)


Andrew Diaz

Business Office
Anita Carlos

Bursar's Office
Malmi Vitharanage

Campus Capital Projects
Oscar Saghieh

Food Services
Eddie Correa


Production Center Coordinator
Layna Santana

The Office of the Vice President of Instruction at Fullerton College is a hub of educational excellence and innovation. Led by visionary leadership, this dynamic office is dedicated to shaping the future of education by fostering transformative learning experiences for students, empowering faculty, and driving academic excellence. With a focus on curriculum development, instructional strategies, and cutting-edge initiatives, the office creates a vibrant ecosystem that promotes growth, creativity, and lifelong learning. By providing leadership and support, the Vice President of Instruction and their team pave the way for success within the Fullerton College community and beyond.

Vice President of Instruction

Dr. José Ramón Nuñez

Executive Assistant, VPI Office
Jayme Padilla (Interim)
(714) 732-5098

Curriculum Specialist
Heather Treminio
(714) 732-5001



Business/Computer Information Systems
Dr. Carlos Ayon

Fine Arts
Dr. Grant Linsell

Dr. Kim Orlijan

Library/Learning Resources, Instructional Support Programs and Services
Dr. Dani Wilson

Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Sam Foster

Natural Sciences
Dr. Bridget Salzameda

Physical Education
Dr. David Grossman

Social Sciences
Dr. Jorge Gamboa

Technology and Engineering
Kenneth Starkman​


Career Education
Martha Payån Hernåndez, Director

Academic Support Center
Kristine Nikkhoo

Economic and Workforce Development
Monica Martin

Guided Pathways
Jennifer Merchant


Honors Program
Jodi Balma

Study Abroad
Angela Henderson


Staff Development
Clarissa Escobedo

The Office of the Vice President of Student Services at Fullerton College is dedicated to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for students. This office oversees a wide range of student-centered programs and services. Their responsibilities include admissions, enrollment, counseling, career services, student activities, student health, and student equity. Through collaboration with various departments, the Vice President of Student Services ensures that students have access to comprehensive support and resources throughout their college journey. By promoting student success, well-being, and engagement, this office plays a vital role in creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community at Fullerton College.

Vice President of Student Services  

Dr. Gilberto Contreras

Executive Assistant II
Monica Ernandes
(714) 732-5386



Counseling and Student Development
Dr. Jennifer LaBounty

Enrollment Services
Dr. Albert Abutin

Student Support Services
Dr. Elaine Lipiz Gonzalez


Student Life and Leadership
Dr. Naomi Querubin Abesamis

Campus Safety
Steve Selby

The Office of Campus Communications serves both the college community and the general public by keeping them informed of college programs and events through the Fullerton College News Center, social media, videos, press releases, print publications, online newsletters and other methods of communication. The office is also responsible for special event planning, marketing, community outreach, website content development, group tours of the campus, the master calendar, operations of the college’s switchboard and the Fullerton College Student Ambassadors.

Lisa Berghouse McPheron

Master Calendar
Summer Marquadt

Administrative Assistant II
Teresa Perry-White

Communications Specialist
Melissa Serrato

Communication Specialist
Stephanie Nguyen-Preciado

Web Content Specialist
Jazmin Zuniga

Mission: We promote a culture of inquiry through the exchange of timely, relevant, and accurate information with the college community to ensure continuous improvement in student success and institutional effectiveness.
Our Purpose: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) supports the mission of Fullerton College by providing accurate, comprehensive, reliable and timely information to support the planning and accountability processes of the college. The IE office engages in a range of activities involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of information describing Fullerton College, including students and staff, programs, and management and operations and assists institutional leaders through informing their planning and decision making. IE office staff are available as a general resource for assistance with survey design, database design, data analysis, student learning outcomes assessment and special studies on the implementation and outcomes of programs and services.


Dr. Daniel Beruman

Administrative Assistant

Sr. Research & Planning Analyst
Michael Gieck

Sr. Research & Planning Analyst
Victor Manchik

Sr. Research & Planning Analyst
Megan Harris

Research & Planning Analyst
Dr. Karina Corona