Campus Instruction Acceptable Use Policy

Any copyrighted materials used in class are used for distance education purposes only and in compliance with United States copyright law. Use of these materials is limited to students enrolled in the course for the duration of the course. Students must refrain from saving, changing, and distributing any such copyrighted materials.

In addition, recordings of online/remote instruction and counseling sessions in platforms such as CypressZoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and Cranium Cafe cannot be shared or posted without written consent of all individuals in the recording, including the professor. Cypress College and the State of California have strict privacy laws for class recordings and student confidentiality. Any student who records class or counseling sessions without consent, photos or screenshots of class, and/or posts class or counseling recordings, will be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct (BP 5500 and AP 5500).

NOTE: For students with disabilities in need of specific classroom and counseling accommodations, please consult with a DSS counselor.