Microbiology Associate in Science Degree


This Associate in Science Degree is designed to introduce the student to the field of microbiology. Students who complete this degree will be prepared for further study in microbiology or related disciplines, or for entry level work in a biological sciences lab. This degree requires a total of 18-19 units of which 9 units are in required courses. An additional 9-10 units must be chosen from the list of restricted electives.

Required Courses (9 units):
BIOL 272 FCell and Molecular Biology4
MICR 262 FGeneral Microbiology5
Restricted Electives (9-10 units):9-10
Genetics and Evolutionary Biology4
General Chemistry I5
General Chemistry II5
Organic Chemistry I5
Organic Chemistry II5
College Algebra4
Physics for the Life Sciences I4
Physics for the Life Sciences II4
Total Units18-19

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of how the scientific method is used to explore topics in microbiology.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate safe and proficient use of laboratory equipment and techniques.

Outcome 3: Explain how molecular and cellular structures contribute to function.