Aging Studies Certificate

Division: Social Sciences


The Aging Studies Certificate focuses on the study and application of knowledge about the physical, social, and economic conditions of older people. Aging affects all aspects of human activity, thus the study of aging is multidisciplinary in nature. This certificate helps to prepare students interested in pursuing academic and career pathways in the field of aging. Student who earn the Aging Studies Certificate should consider pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology, a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Gerontology, or a related field. Career paths many include placements in county councils on aging, area agencies on aging, social services agencies, housing authorities, long-term care, recreation facilities, and many other public and private agencies. A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken. The Aging Studies Certificate requires a total of 16 units.

Required Courses (6 units):
SOC 201 FDying and Death3
SOC 250 FSociology of Aging3
Restricted Electives (10 units):10
The Practice of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion3
First Aid, CPR, and Safety Education3
Human Sexuality3
Cross Cultural Psychology3
Sociology Internship1
Sociology Independent Study1
Marriage and Family3
Honors Marriage and Family
Sociology Independent Study - Advanced1
The Body-Mind Connection3
Total Units16

Outcome 1: Describe knowledge of relationships among older adults, their families, and society.

Outcome 2: Compare and contrast current theory and research in the interdisciplinary field of gerontology and its role in society to assess biological, social, and psychological issues that impact older adults and those who work with and care for them.

Outcome 3: Analyze aspects of ageism in American society and socially-conscious behavior regarding the older population.