Application for an Associate Degree

Although a student may have completed all requirements, an Associate Degree is not automatic. Students who intend to graduate must file an application with the Admissions and Records Office. Courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities to fulfill General Education requirements may be used to satisfy Cypress College General Education requirements if they are comparable to Cypress College General Education courses or are used in the same category at the sending institution, and are degree applicable at Cypress College. (This policy supersedes all previous catalogs.) All official transcripts from other colleges are required at the time of application and become the property of the Admissions and Records Office and will not be released. Diplomas will be mailed approximately two to three months after the last day of the semester to the most recent address on file in the Admissions and Records Office at Cypress College. Applications for an Associate Degree are available in the Admissions and Records office and online at See class schedule for dates of acceptance.

Honors at Graduation

In recognition of academic excellence for completion of the associate degree, students are awarded graduation honors as follows:

Honors 3.30 - 3.74
High Honors 3.75 - 4.00

Graduation honors are calculated using all degree applicable course work completed. This includes course work completed at Fullerton College and all other accredited institutions for which an official transcript has been received.

Graduation honors will be indicated in the commencement program and on the student’s diploma and transcript. However, for candidates (those students with final grades pending), the commencement program will note “candidate” as their degrees and honors have not yet been confirmed. When final grades are posted, a recalculation of grades will be completed and, if the student qualifies, the graduation honor will be noted on the diploma and transcript.