Administration of Justice Associate in Science Degree


The Administration of Justice Associate in Science Degree is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements necessary for employment in the field of law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. Some of the occupations in the law enforcement field include Police Officer, Sheriff Officer, Detectives/Criminal Investigator, Correctional Officer, Private Detective/Investigator, Parole Officer, Probation officer, Juvenile Justice Counselor, and Pre-release or Employer Counselor. This degree requires the completion of 24-25 units. At least one half of the units completed must be taken at Fullerton College.

Required Courses (9 units):
AJ 100 F Introduction to Criminal Justice (formerly Introduction to Law Enforcement)3
AJ 110AFCriminal Law3
AJ 151 FPolice Report Writing3
Restricted Electives (15-16 units):15-16
Advanced Criminal Law 13
Weaponless Defense1
Juvenile Procedures3
Criminal Procedure3
Rules of Evidence3
Criminal Investigation3
Narcotics and Vice Control3
Crime Scene Techniques3
Police Patrol3
Investigation of Homicidal Behavior3
Multicultural Issues within Administration of Justice3
Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement3
Total Units24-25

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the laws, Constitutional requirements, and legally-defined procedures that criminal justice professionals have to adhere to when practicing within the field of criminal justice.

Outcome 2: Analyze contemporary issues in law enforcement and their impact on day-to-day operations of a law enforcement agency.

Outcome 3: Prepare and compose organized written reports that include proper fact patterns and appropriate administrative actions by law enforcement officers.