Architecture Associate in Science Degree


The Architecture Associate in Science Degree is designed to develop skills necessary to help facilitate transfer to a university for a Bachelor of Architecture Degree (B.Arch.) The program contains drawing, design and computer drafting courses. Placement at the university is based on a portfolio review of work which demonstrates competence in key areas of architectural design. The curriculum is also designed to prepare students for employment in the architectural profession. This degree requires a total of 35-37 units in the major in addition to other graduation requirements.

Required Courses (35-37 units):
ARCH 111 FIntroduction to Architecture3
ARCH 113 FArchitectural Drawing I3
ARCH 114 F Architectural Materials and Methods3
ARCH 124 FArchitectural CAD I3
ARCH 125 FDesign Studio I4
ARCH 215 FDesign Studio II4
ARCH 225 FDesign Studio III4
ARCH 227 FInternship in Architecture2-4
ARCH 924 FArchitectural CAD II3
ARCH 934 FArchitectural CAD III3
CSTR 035 F California Accessibility and Energy Codes3
Total Units35-37

Outcome 1: Describe, demonstrate and apply the process of building design in spatial relationships, construction materials and techniques and present these concepts with the use of various media for visualization for entry level work in Architecture.

Outcome 2: Describe, demonstrate and apply the process of creating drawings with use of various software programs to adequately present these documents with the use of various printing equipment for entry level work in the Architecture field.