Automotive Service Advisor Certificate

Division: Technology and Engineering


The Automotive Service Advisor Certificate (formerly Automotive Service Advisor Skills Certificate) is designed to provide the student with entry level employment skills needed in the area of automotive service advising, service consulting, customer greeting, and repair order dispatching. A student can seek employment in new car dealerships, specialty repair shops, and franchise automotive repair facilities. The course work will develop a student’s understanding of the major automotive systems and their ability to communicate malfunctions to a customer. The proper calculations of repair costs and the completion of industry recognized repair orders will also be covered in the course work. This certificate requires a total of 18.5-22.5 units. A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (9.5 units):
AUTO 131 FAutomotive Fundamentals4.5
CIS 148 F Introduction to Personal Computer Communications2
MKT 208 FPrinciples of Selling3
Restricted Electives (9-13 units):9-13
Internship in Automotive2-4
Automotive Business Management5
Automotive Powertrains5
Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems5
Engine Rebuilding and Repair8
Engine Performance and Drivability8
Brake and Suspension Systems Repair8
Automatic Transmission Fundamentals3
Automotive Air Conditioning4
Small Business Management3
Human Relations in Organizations (formerly Human Relations in Business)3
Total Units18.5-22.5

Outcome 1: Prepare repair orders that reflect an accurate representation of the customer concern.

Outcome 2: Explain the proper operation and malfunction of automotive systems in a clear and concise manner to customers.

Outcome 3: Estimate the automotive repair cost and discuss the repair options with a customer. Follow up with the customer after the completion of repairs.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate professionalism and courtesy to fellow employees and customers. Adhere to high ethical standards in all business transactions.