Construction Management Associate in Science Degree


The Construction Management Associate in Science Degree is designed to prepare students for employment in the construction industry. This degree prepares students for a variety of careers in the construction industry and related fields, such as estimators, project managers and schedulers, surveyors, specifiers, quality control supervisors, materials testers, construction materials and equipment salespersons, owners’ representatives and site inspectors. Individuals interested in developing small independent construction contracting businesses will also find this degree useful toward achieving that goal. This degree requires a total of 24-27 units. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken. At least half of the units towards this degree must be completed at Fullerton College.

Required Courses (24-27 units):24-27
Complete at least 24 units from the following list:
Financial Accounting5
Introduction to Business3
Small Business Management3
Introduction to Personal Computers4
Contractor's License Law3
Construction Management3
Construction Plans Reading (formerly Construction Blueprint Reading)3
Residential Estimating3
Construction Materials, Specifications and Purchasing2
Total Units24-27

Outcome 1: Interpret architectural and construction drawings and documents, demonstrating knowledge of various building materials and methods and related building technologies.

Outcome 2: Describe the features and characteristics of the building projects used in the trade, from framing materials, sheathing and roof covering to interior/exterior finish.

Outcome 3: Investigate and resolve problems in construction planning, scheduling and management.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate leadership in creating and maintaining a safe working environment.