Ethnic Studies Associate in Arts Degree


The Ethnic Studies Associate in Arts Degree is designed to provide students with a comparative and interdisciplinary examination of the unique histories, cultures, and experiences of African Americans, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, Chicanxs/Latinxs, and Native Americans in the United States. Students will analyze historical themes and contemporary issues pertaining to communities of color through the development of a transnational-global perspective and a critical intersectional understanding of race, ethnicity, class, gender and power. Ethnic Studies provides students a space to develop a vision for positive social change and to bridge academic scholarship with action by engaging in liberatory practices that aim to eliminate social inequities and all forms of oppression. Graduates acquire group-centered leadership skills, knowledge of self, media literacy, critical thinking skills and an ability to work collaboratively with diverse populations. The major prepares students for both transfer and graduate studies as well as careers that work with underserved populations in areas/fields such as public and business administration, human and health services, marketing and communications, research and education, politics and government, fine and performing arts and multicultural affairs. The Ethnic Studies AA degree requires a total of 19 units of which 16 units are in required courses. An additional 3 units must be chosen from the restricted units listed below.

Required Courses (16 courses):
ETHS 101 FAmerican Ethnic Studies4
ETHS 129 F Introduction to African-American Studies3
ETHS 150 F Introduction to Chicana/o Studies (formerly ETHS 140 F)3
ETHS 160 F History of the Native Americans3
ETHS 170 F Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies3
Restricted Electives (3 units):3
Cultural Anthropology3
Honors Cultural Anthropology
Survey of Chicano/a Literature3
Survey of Native American Literature3
Introduction to Bilingual-Crossculturalism3
African-American History I3
African-American History II3
Chicana/o History I (formerly ETHS 141 F)3
Chicana/o History II (formerly ETHS 141 F)3
Chicana/o and Latina/o Contemporary Issues (formerly ETHS 142 F)3
Honors Chicana/o and Latina/o Contemporary Issues
Asian Pacific American History3
History of the Americas (formerly HIST 162AF)3
History of the Americas II (formerly HIST 162BF)
Women in United States History3
Cross Cultural Psychology3
Social Psychology3
Honors Social Psychology
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre3
Introduction to Women's Studies3
Honors Introduction to Women's Studies
Total Units19

Outcome 1: Describe and apply relevant terminology and theoretical concepts used in the field of Ethnic Studies.

Outcome 2: Outline and compare the historical and contemporary experiences of various racial groups in the U.S.

Outcome 3: Construct a coherent and well-informed viewpoint about contemporary issues affecting ethnic and racial minorities in the U.S. using a variety of sources including academic sources, government reports, multimedia and anecdotal evidence.