Foreign Language Associate in Arts Degree


The Foreign Language Associate in Arts Degree requires a minimum of 18-19 units. Students may fulfill the 18-19 units requirement by completing the entire sequence (LANG 101 F, 102 F, 203 F, and 204 F) for a single foreign language. Some students may be placed into the language course sequence at a higher level than LANG 101 F. For example, according to the prerequisite policy, students who complete high school coursework with a grade of C or better may place out of some of the language sequence. However, these students are not awarded units for the courses out of which they placed. Such students must complete the 18-19 unit degree requirement by selecting the remaining units from the list of restricted electives.

Required Courses (18 units):18
Elementary Chinese - Mandarin I
and Elementary Chinese - Mandarin II
and Intermediate Chinese - Mandarin III
and Intermediate Chinese - Mandarin IV
Elementary French I
and Elementary French II
and Intermediate French III
and Intermediate French IV
Elementary German I
and Elementary German II
and Intermediate German III
and Intermediate German IV
Elementary Italian I
and Elementary Italian II
and Intermediate Italian III
and Intermediate Italian IV
Elementary Japanese I
and Elementary Japanese II
and Intermediate Japanese III
and Intermediate Japanese IV
Elementary Spanish I5
Honors Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II5
Honors Elementary Spanish II
Spanish for the Spanish Speaker4-5
Intermediate Spanish III
Intermediate Spanish IV4
Restricted Electives - Select remaining units from Restricted Electives below:
A second foreign language (any course from Level I through Level IV)
Introduction to Literature3
World Literature since the Early Modern Period3
Conversational French2
Conversational German2
Western Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Western Civilization I)3
Honors Western Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Western Civilization II)
Ancient Egypt3
Introduction to Philosophy3
World Religions3
Conversational Spanish2
Introduction to Spanish Literature3
Introduction to Latin American Literature3
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Refine target language oral and written production in response to discourse related to self, family, social situations, school, work and societal issues.

Outcome 2: Refine target language oral and written production in response to written materials in the target language.

Outcome 3: Interpret similarities and differences between the cultural practices and perspectives of the target language and those of other cultures.