Geography Associate in Arts Degree


The Geography Associate in Arts Degree is designed to provide students with an introduction to both physical and human areas of geographic studies. It provides students the background knowledge needed by undergraduate geography majors for university transfer and coursework. This degree is excellent preparation for careers in international fields, law, science, environmental work and cultural diversity programs. The geographic perspective provides lifelong tools for interpreting the world's complex systems and world events. This degree requires a total of 19 - 20 units.

Required Courses (10 units):10
Global Geography3
Honors Global Geography
Physical Geography3
Honors Physical Geography
Physical Geography Laboratory1
Cultural Geography3
Restricted Electives (9-10 units):9-10
Global Environmental Problems3
California Geography3
Urban Geography: Introduction to the City3
Geography Independent Study1
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (formerly GEOG 281AF)3
Total Units19-20

Outcome 1: Identify, evaluate and critique human-environmental processes of globalization from a geo-spatial perspective.

Outcome 2: Define, describe and evaluate the uneven and unequal geographical outcomes of society and nature interrelationships.

Outcome 3: Describe, interpret and evaluate movement, migration and cultural traits related to the social construction of human/cultural landscapes.

Outcome 4: Apply the fundamental concepts of the scientific method and explain the basic components and interrelationships of earth’s physical systems of the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.