Industrial Technology Associate in Science Degree

Division: Technology and Engineering


The Industrial Technology Associate in Science Degree is designed to give students a broad understanding of communications, business finance, graphics, construction, manufacturing, and transportation systems, as well as many other subjects that are found in today’s industry. Students are given instructions in various skill areas that can be applied directly in the workforce, such as in the manufacturing of products; designing of products with computer-aided design (CAD) software; constructions of buildings; repairing of automobiles; printing; photography; and other communication media skills for various TV, film, internet, print shops, and entertainment industries. A variety of businesses and industries are in need of individuals who have the knowledge and flexibility to learn, implement and manage new technology within complex business environments. Schools need well prepared industrial and technology education teachers to help educate and guide young men and women into high technology careers. On the business and industry side, Industrial Technology majors assume roles as "Industrial Technologists" in a wide variety of industrial and business settings and they understand managerial concepts and principles. Common to all Industrial Technologists is the focus on continuous improvement in the areas of productivity and quality. Technologists apply management theory and practice with technical skills to solve problems. Students typically go on to a 4 year institution to further their studies in specialties related to industry needs. At least one half of the units toward the degree must be completed at Fullerton College. This degree requires a total of 18-21.5 units.

Required Courses (18-21.5 units):18-21.5
Small Business Accounting3
Automotive Fundamentals4.5
Business Mathematics3
Introduction to Radio, TV and Film3
Residential Construction4
Fundamentals of Drafting2
Machine Tools2
Introduction to Photography3
Introduction to Printing3
Industrial Safety2
Introduction to Welding (formerly WELD 121AF)3
Total Units18-21.5

Outcome 1: Describe occupations typically found in each industry/technical area such as manufacturing, automotive, photography, construction, welding, printing and drafting.

Outcome 2: Apply theories and principles to solve technical and management problems.

Outcome 3: Design, test and analyze a system or process to meet desired needs.

Outcome 4: Apply good written, oral communication and presentation skills.

Outcome 5: Collect and interpret data to analyze and solve problems.

Outcome 6: Select and use computer applications software.