Interdisciplinary Studies: Emphasis in Science and Mathematics Associate in Arts Degree


Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Science and Mathematics: These courses emphasize the development of mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills beyond the level of intermediate algebra. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the methodologies of science as investigative tools. Students will also examine the influence that the acquisition of scientific knowledge has on human experience. This emphasis includes lower-division coursework that prepares students for majors in science, math, and health-related fields.

Select at least one course from each category (A and B) and then complete additional courses in categories A and/or B to total 18 units:18
A) Sciences
General Human Anatomy4
Human Physiology5
Physical Anthropology3
Honors Physical Anthropology
Physical Anthropology Lab1
Principles of Biology4
General Biology5
Honors General Biology
Human Biology3
Human Biology Laboratory1
Biology of Insects and Spiders3
Plants and People3
Genetics and Biotechnology in Society3
Biotechnology Lab Techniques2
Marine Mammal Biology and Conservation3
Organismal Biology5
Introduction to Biotechnology3
Introduction to Biotechnology Lab1
Marine Biology3
General Zoology5
General Botany5
Cell and Molecular Biology4
General Ecology4
Chemistry for Daily Life4
Chemistry for Allied Health Science5
Chemistry in a Changing World3
Preparation for General Chemistry5
General Chemistry I5
General Chemistry II5
Physical Geology3
Physical Geology Lab1
Earth Science Survey3
Earth Science Survey Lab1
Historical Geology4
Geology of National Parks and Monuments3
Introduction to Weather and Climate3
Introduction to Weather and Climate Laboratory1
Geology of Orange County Area2
Earth Science for Educators4
Introduction to Climate Science3
Honors Astronomy
Astronomy Lab2
Geology of California3
Introduction to Oceanography3
Honors Introduction to Oceanography
Introduction to Oceanography: Field Experience1
Environmental Geology3
Environmental Biology3
Environmental Biology Lab1
Conservation Biology3
Natural History of California3
Physical Geography3
Honors Physical Geography
Physical Geography Laboratory1
Health Science3
Applied Botany4
Applied Entomology3
Plant Pathology3
Medical Microbiology4
General Microbiology5
Human Nutrition3
Honors Human Nutrition
Relativity for Poets3
Elementary Physics4
Physics for the Life Sciences I4
Physics for the Life Sciences II4
Physics with Calculus for the Life Sciences I4
Physics with Calculus for the Life Sciences II4
General Physics I4
General Physics II4
General Physics III4
B) Mathematics
Business Mathematics3
Liberal Arts Mathematics3
Introductory Probability and Statistics4
Honors Introductory Probability and Statistics
College Algebra for Business Calculus4
Calculus for Business4
College Algebra4
Honors College Algebra
Calculus I (formerly MATH 150AF)4
Honors Calculus I (formerly MATH 150HF)
Calculus II (formerly MATH 150BF)4
Honors Calculus II
Discrete Structures4
Discrete Mathematics4
Graph Theory and Linear Algebra4
Multivariable Calculus (formerly MATH 250AF)4
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (formerly MATH 250BF)4
Linear Algebra4
Ordinary Differential Equations4
Elementary Statistics for Behavioral Science4
Honors Elementary Statistics for Behavioral Science
Introduction to Probability and Statistics4
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Identify, analyze and communicate an understanding of self and society through systematic investigation of social behavior, institutions, and culture.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate a critical understanding, appreciation and expression of philosophical and cultural sensibilities in historical and contemporary contexts.