Manufacturing Technology Associate in Science Degree


The Manufacturing Technology Associate in Science Degree incorporates courses from a number of departments within the Technology and Engineering Division. This degree typically leads to intermediate to advanced level technical careers as a machinist, toolmaker, CNC operator, CNC programmer, manufacturing engineer, process engineer, maintenance technician, field service technician, fabrication technician, machine builder, welders, designers, design engineers, CAD/CAM engineer as well as a number of other manufacturing, engineering, and service positions. A student pursuing the Manufacturing Technology major must take the required courses in addition to a concentration in one or more of the major areas. The areas of concentration are Drafting, Machine Technology, and Welding. This degree requires 30-34 units in the major in addition to other graduation requirements. At least one-half of the units towards the major must be completed at Fullerton College.

Required Courses (15 units):
DRAF 171 FFundamentals of Drafting2
METL 192 FFundamentals of Metallurgy3
MACH 116 FMachine Tools2
TECH 108 FManufacturing Processes3
TECH 127 FIndustrial Safety2
WELD 100 F Introduction to Welding (formerly WELD 121AF)3
Restricted Electives - Select 15-19 units from one of the areas below (select all courses from the same area for a concentration in DRAF, MACH or WELD):15-19
Drafting Technology (15-19 units)
Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing (formerly DRAF 070 F)2
AutoCAD for Industry3
Advanced CAD for Industry3
3D Applications Using AutoCAD3
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing2
Advanced Solidworks3
Machine Technology (15-19 units)
Introduction to Machine Tools (formerly MACH 091 F)5
Intermediate Machine Tools (formerly MACH 092 F)5
Advanced Machine Tools (formerly MACH 093 F)5
Advanced Topics in Machine Technology5
CNC Machine Set-Up and Operation (formerly MACH 086 F)3
CNC Parts Programming (formerly MACH 087 F)3
Advanced CNC Machining (formerly MACH 088 F)3
Multiple Axis CNC Set and Operation (formerly MACH 090 F)3
Basic CNC Swiss Style Lathe Set-Up and Operation3
Advanced CNC Swiss Style Lathe Set-Up and Operation3
Basic CNC Swiss Style Lathe Programming and Applications3
CNC Programming Using Mastercam (formerly MACH 050 F)3
Advanced CNC Programming Using Mastercam (formerly MACH 052 F)3
CNC Programming Using Surfcam (formerly MACH 060 F)3
Advanced CNC Programming Using Surfcam (formerly MACH 062 F)3
Introduction to Metrology3
Introduction to CMM Inspection and Romer Arms3
Advanced CMM and Romer Arm Inspection3
CMM and Romer Arm Applications2
Welding (15-19 units)
Industrial Welding Fundamentals5
Semi-Automatic Welding Applications5
Manual Arc Welding Fundamentals5
Welding Inspection Technology5
Welding Fabrication Technology2
Structural Welding Certification5
Gas Shielded Arc Welding3
Total Units30-34

Outcome 1: Demonstrate the ability to read, interpret, evaluate, and/or generate drawings to manufacture components and metal sub-assemblies per drawing specifications.

Outcome 2: Design, develop, produce or inspect components and metal sub-assemblies to drawing specifications.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate the ability to function professionally in a manufacturing team-based environment as either a team leader or a team member.