Psychology Associate in Arts Degree


The Psychology Associate in Arts Degree provides students with a background that has both breadth and depth, and focuses on the science, theories and applications of psychology. This degree will give students an understanding of psychology that might be useful to their personal lives, careers outside of psychology, or future major and career in psychology. Coursework examines the biological and experiential factors that influence human behavior. Because of the scientific nature of psychology, most colleges require undergraduate psychology majors to take General Psychology, Statistics and a Research Methods class, and these three courses are the core requirements of the AA Degree in Psychology at Fullerton College, as well. These courses fulfill 11 of the 20 units required for this degree. An additional 9 units must be chosen from restricted electives. The 3 core courses, as well as the 3 (or more) electives will provide the opportunity for students to think critically about human behavior, to learn the diversity of human behavior and disorders, to learn how psychology affects us at different stages of life, and to apply psychology to real world situations or problems. NOTE: Students planning to transfer to a local CSU may also want to consider the Psychology AA-T Degree*. This degree requires 20 units in the major in addition to other graduation requirements.

Required Courses (11 units):
PSY 101 FGeneral Psychology3
or PSY 101HF Honors General Psychology
PSY 161 F Elementary Statistics for Behavioral Science4
or PSY 161HF Honors Elementary Statistics for Behavioral Science
PSY 202 FResearch Methods in Psychology4
or PSY 202HF Honors Research Methods in Psychology
Restricted Electives: (9 Units)9
Select three of the following lists (A, B, C and/or D) and choose one 3 unit course from each list:
List A: (3 Units)
Developmental Psychology: Life Cycle3
Child Psychology3
List B: (3 Units)
The Human Services3
The Psychology of Adjustment3
List C: (3 Units)
Abnormal Psychology3
Social Psychology3
Honors Social Psychology3
The Brain and Behavior3
List D: (3 Units)
Human Sexuality3
Cross Cultural Psychology3
Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination3
Total Units20

Outcome 1: Identify why psychology is considered a science.

Outcome 2: Identify appropriate statistical tests to be conducted on data for specific types of research studies.

Outcome 3: Summarize and critically evaluate research articles as well as information presented in the popular media.