Autonomous Systems Development Associate in Science Degree

Division: Technology and Engineering


The Autonomous Systems Development Associate in Science Degree is designed to develop the skills necessary to facilitate transfer to a university and provide a comprehensive understanding of autonomous systems. Students seeking a degree in engineering or areas related to Autonomous Systems Technology may pursue careers in industries such as manufacturing, defense, agriculture, surveying, medical, automotive, power, communications and many more. In order to be well prepared for upper division curriculum at a university in technical fields, students should complete as many courses as possible that relate to future job and career prospects. This degree requires a total of 26-30 units.

Required Courses (20-21 units):
CIS 212 FRobotic Programming3
ENGR 110 FIntroduction to Engineering3
ENGR 203 FElectric Circuits4
ENGR 203LFElectric Circuits Lab1
MACH 101 F Introduction to Machine Tools (formerly MACH 091 F)5
TECH 150 FBasic Drone Piloting2-3
or TECH 151 F Applied Drone Piloting
TECH 155 FApplied Drone Lab2
Restricted Electives (6-9 units):6-9
Introduction to Python Programming3
Engineering CAD4
Intermediate Machine Tools (formerly MACH 092 F)5
CNC Programming Using Mastercam (formerly MACH 050 F)3
Calculus I (formerly MATH 150AF)4
Honors Calculus I (formerly MATH 150HF)
Calculus II (formerly MATH 150BF)4
Honors Calculus II
General Physics I4
Total Units26-30

Outcome 1: Design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.

Outcome 2: Analyze and interpret data and compare results with theoretical calculators.