History and Tradition

Fullerton College has fielded athletic teams since 1916 with the start of the Hornet football team.

Nicknamed the “Hornets,” Fullerton College teams have won several conference, state, and national championships in a variety of sports. Winning teams have become a tradition at Fullerton in both men’s and women’s sports.

Community support for intercollegiate athletics at Fullerton has been outstanding. The caliber of coaching, the quality of uniforms and equipment, the training and medical facilities, and the opportunity to play against good competition are superior. Every year, scores of Fullerton College graduates are offered scholarships to complete their education and athletic careers at four-year colleges and universities throughout the country.

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Athletic Conference Membership: Fullerton College is a member of the Southern California Football Association (SCFA) along with 36 other colleges. The Southern California Football Association consists of two divisions: American and National. Fullerton College is in the Southern League of the National Division along with Golden West, Grossmont, Orange Coast, Palomar, and Saddleback. Competition will be against teams in the National Division along with teams from the American Division.

For all other sports, Fullerton College is a member of the Orange Empire Conference (OEC) in the following sports: basketball, baseball, beach volleyball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and water polo. Members in the Orange Empire Conference consist of Cypress, Fullerton, Irvine V alley, Golden West,  Orange Coast, Riverside, Saddleback, Santa Ana, and Santiago Canyon.

Conference competition is offered in ten sports for men and eleven sports for women. Each team plays a full schedule of non-conference, as well as conference games, in each sport. Each sport's season concludes with state tournament competition for teams and individuals that have won conference championships or otherwise qualify.

Athletic Eligibility Rules: Both men’s and women’s athletics are governed by uniform eligibility rules adopted by the California Community College Athletic Association.

In general, eligibility rules require that all candidates for a team be enrolled in and pass 12 or more units through the semester of competition. Of the 12 credit units, at least nine shall be attempted in courses counting towards the associate degree, remediation, transfer, and/or certification as defined by the college catalog, and are consistent with the student athlete’s educational plan. A full-time student returning for his/her second season of competition must have:

  1. passed a minimum of 24 units between seasons of that sport (18 of those 24 units must be academic courses)
  2. achieved a 2.00 GPA or higher, and
  3. successfully completed at least six units during the preceding academic term in which the student is enrolled as full-time student, and
  4. an educational plan on file (Fall: October 15; Spring: March 1)

A student’s previous academic record in college does not apply to the student trying out for the first time for an intercollegiate sport.

Students transferring to Fullerton College from another California community college who competed in athletics at that college must complete 12 or more units at Fullerton College before gaining athletic eligibility at Fullerton.

Any prospective student athlete with questions about his or her eligibility for sports is advised to confer with the Athletic Director or with the athletic academic counselor.

Intercollegiate Athletics for Men:

Sports in which Fullerton College fields teams for men include:

  • baseball
  • basketball
  • cross country
  • football
  • soccer
  • swimming and diving
  • tennis
  • track and field
  • volleyball
  • water polo

Winning is a tradition as teams participate in OEC and the SCFA Conferences.

Intercollegiate Athletics for Women:

Women’s teams at Fullerton College include:

  • basketball
  • beach volleyball
  • cross country
  • golf
  • lacrosse*
  • softball
  • soccer
  • swimming and diving
  • tennis,
  • track and field,
  • volleyball
  • water polo

*club sport

These teams excel in the Orange Empire Conference.

Aid to Athletes: Athletic scholarships, grants-in-aid, and special inducements or privileges for athletes do not exist at Fullerton College in accordance with State rules governing community college athletics. Student athletes are attracted to Fullerton College for its excellent educational opportunities, its tradition for winning teams, the outstanding coaching staff, and the opportunity to participate and compete as freshmen and sophomores on a level that often leads to athletic scholarship offers from four-year colleges after graduation from Fullerton.

The college provides the student athlete with uniforms and equipment, meals, lodging, travel expenses on team trips, and banquets and awards concluding the season. The college maintains a placement office as a service to any student seeking part-time or full-time employment.

Admission to Athletic Events: Students with a Fullerton College Student Identification Card, properly validated by the Associated Students, will be admitted free of charge to all scheduled athletic events played at home. An entrance fee will be charged for playoff and championship games.

Gate receipts from the intercollegiate athletic program, including facility rentals, are used to help offset the cost of the athletic program.