Student Publications

The Hornet

This is award-winning news outlet is published online by journalism students. The digital news site is entirely written, edited, designed and desk-top published by students. Photographs, illustrations, videos and podcasts are all student efforts. Students also sell and design advertising. The Hornet has won many state and national awards, including the Gold Crown, the top national honor presented by Columbia University’s Scholastic Press Association, as well as honors from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC).

Inside Fullerton Magazine (formerly Torch magazine)

This magazine is published each semester by journalism students. All phases of magazine production — writing, editing, layout/design, and photography, line illustration and advertising, are accomplished by students. Articles and photos combine to share stories from and about the Fullerton College community. The magazine is used on and off campus as an informative, marketing tool. Torch Magazine has also received numerous awards from collegiate and professional organizations for outstanding journalism.

La Antorcha

This is the first student-produced, online Spanish language publication in the California Community College system. This multimedia news outlet was created to cover the growing population of Spanish speakers in the region and to address topics and stories from the community and regional culture that were not being properly addressed. The digital aspect makes it possible to share videos, photos and stories with a global audience and all of it reported by bilingual Fullerton College students.