Admissions/Registration Procedures

Admission to Classes

Students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. By District policy, "every course, course section or class shall be open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE)". Students are not permitted to attend classes in which they are not officially enrolled. Classes filled may have a waitlist already established for students wanting to attend.  Non-Tuition Classes: Students must attend the first day of class or they will lose their seat to a petitioning student. 

New Students

New students are those who have never attended classes at NOCE. 

Continuing Students

Continuing students are those students who are currently enrolled and have not missed more than two consecutive terms. 

Returning Students

Returning students are those students who previously attended classes at NOCE yet did not re-enroll after missing two consecutive terms. 

Campus Locations

Anaheim Campus
   1830 West Romneya Drive
   Anaheim, California 92801

NOCE Cypress Center
   9200 Valley View Street
   Cypress, California 90630

NOCE Wilshire Center
   315 East Wilshire Avenue
   Fullerton, California 92832

Additional classes are offered at many off-site locations throughout North Orange County. For specific off-site locations, please refer to the current class schedule at

Minor Students

NOCE classes are open to those 18 years or older who have been admitted to NOCE and are not attending school. Students under 18 who have not graduated from high school may be permitted to attend under special circumstances. It is advisable to contact the center Dean at the site where the class is offered prior to obtaining the required permission letter from the school that the minor is attending. If permission to enroll is granted, the minor student may enroll only after the regular registration period so that priority is given to adult students. Children of any age may take Kids' College and Teen Program classes as indicated in the course schedule. Children are not permitted to attend adult classes. 

International F-1 Visa Students

Students with F-1 Visa status are unable to register for NOCE classes.

NOCE is considered a publicly-funded adult education program by the federal government. The law prohibits publicly-funded adult education programs from enrolling students with F-1 Visa status. This is according to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 8 CFR Part 22 Section 214.2 (f). 

Open Enrollment

It is the policy of NOCCCD that, unless specifically exempted by statue, every course section or class, the full-time equivalent students (FTES) attendance of which is to be reported for state aid, whenever offered and maintained by NOCCCD, shall be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college(s) or NOCE and who meets such prerequisites as may be established pursuant to Chapter II, Division 2, part VI, Title 5 of the California Administrate Code, Commencing with Section 51820. 

In-Class Registration

Students must attend the first meeting where in-class registration takes place or they may lose their seat to another student. A minimum number of students must attend the first class meeting to ensure the required enrollment is met. In-class registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, however, students enrolling in a year-round class may enter and register in the class at any time.      

Registration Locations

No matter where the class is held, students can register at any campus: Anaheim (Second Floor), Cypress (Parking Lot 4; Building 100), Wilshire (Building 300). Registration is also available through MyGateway at


Full payment is required at the time of registration. Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted. A $25 fee will be charged to any students' account where a check is returned for non-sufficient funds. 

Fee-Based Courses

Classes NOT funded by the state are supported by student tuition. Students must cover the cost of the class through fees. Additional instructional material or supply fees may be required. These classes will not be canceled if attendance falls during the term. While late registration is permissible in most classes, full payment of tuition fees is always required.

Parking Information/Fees

A parking permit is required to park in marked spaces at all three NOCE Centers; however, a purchased parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. If you do not have a permit, you will be ticketed. An NOCE parking permit applies to any space that is marked for students or any unmarked space. Parking permits are refundable prior to the first-class meeting only and must be returned to receive a refund. Please do not back into the parking space or you will be ticketed. 

  • DMV disabled person placard holders are permitted to park in disabled parking, or any other student or staff space, but must also purchase an NOCE parking permit. 
  • Parking is by permit only, available at each NOCE Center's Admission and Registration Office. .
    • Vehicle permits: $40
    • Vehicle permits during summer at Cypress: $20
    • Motorcycle permits: $20 
    • Daily permits are available for $3 in parking areas.
  • Parking Permit Dates
    • For Anaheim and Wilshire, half-year permits are available for:
      • Winter & Spring: January 1 - June 30
      • Summer & Fall: July 1 - December 31
      • Parking permits are valid for a set period of time (Jan 1-Jun 30 or Jul 1-Dec 31), and not six months from the date of purchase.
    • For Cypress, the permits are available for:
      • Winter & Spring:  January 1 - June 30  
      • Summer:  July 1 - August 31
      • Fall: September 1 - December 31.

Virtual Parking Permits

At Cypress College’s in lieu of a physical parking permit/hanger, effective September 2016 parking in general parking lots requires a virtual parking permit enforced by license plate recognition. You may register your vehicle online at and purchase a permit for the entire NOCE term or for one day. To purchase a permit online with a debit or credit card ONLY you will need your vehicle license plate number or the last eight digits of your VIN number. Day permits are also available for purchase by debit or credit card ONLY at any Cypress College parking kiosk. Virtual Permits are also valid at the Anaheim Campus and Wilshire Center.

Any vehicle found parked on Cypress College property that has three (3) or more unpaid Cypress College parking citations may be towed without notice. Registered owners of the vehicle will be responsible for paying all citations, towing fees, and impound fees prior to the vehicle being released by the impound company.

Bus Passes

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) bus passes are available at any NOCE Center's Admission and Registration Office. 30-day regular passes are available to all students; 30-day reduced fare passes are available for seniors 60 years and older, and for disabled students with valid ID. Passes are sold year-round. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) provides bus service to each of our three NOCE Centers. For more information, call 714.636.7433. 

Book Information

All three bookstores offer textbooks and supplies available for purchase, in addition to supplemental educational materials and supplies. Books and supplies can be purchased at the following center bookstores: 

Anaheim Campus Bookstore
   1830 W. Romneya Drive
   Anaheim, California 92801
   (714) 808-4675

Cypress College Bookstore
   9200 Valley View Street,
   Cypress, California 90630
   (714) 484-7336
   or online at

Fullerton College Bookstore
   330 East Chapman Avenue
   2000 Bldg., 1st Floor
   Fullerton, California 92832
   or online at 

We recommend you call and confirm the hours of operation to ensure they are open during the time you plan to make your purchase.

Refund Policy

To receive a refund, a Refund Petition Form must be submitted at least two (2) full business days before the first class meeting. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds one time per term, per student, except for classes canceled by NOCE. Refunds will be processed two weeks after the term begins. No refunds will be given on books. Refund checks to Kids’ College students will be made to the name of the student of record as required by State Education Code regulations. The only other criteria considered for refunds are circumstances in which the course differs from the way it was described in the class schedule, such as incorrect start date, time or wrong location. You may request a credit valid for six months toward any fee-based course. Requests for credits must be submitted prior to the second class meeting of the course being dropped. 

Name Changes

Students are encouraged to visit one of the NOCE Center Admissions and Registration Offices to change a name on a student record. Students must provide a valid photo identification card when requesting a name change.      


NOCE will withhold transcripts, registration privileges or any combination hereof from any student or former student who has failed to pay all outstanding fees owed to NOCE, Fullerton College or Cypress College (from current or previous terms) or for other administrative reasons. 

Class Attendance/Cancellations

Students are expected to attend all classes. Non-tuition classes may be discontinued during the term if attendance drops. Tuition classes will continue according to schedule once they have started.

It is NOCE's practice that classes do not normally meet on a weekend following a Friday District Holiday or preceding a Monday District Holiday. If it is necessary for a class to be held on a holiday weekend, this would be an exception to the rule. 

Waitlist Procedure

You may petition a closed class by adding yourself to the waitlist during registration in myGateway. Waitlisted students are accepted into a class as space is available and in the order in which they have been placed on the waitlist. A waitlisted student is not officially registered into the course until they have returned the instructor approval to an NOCE Admissions and Registration Office. 

Additional Seats for Special Programs

To promote matriculation for students in certain Career Technical Education Programs, additional seats may be reserved for students who have declared their intent to complete a program. At this time Pharmacy Technician Program students may declare their intent to complete the program by returning a declaration form to the Admissions and Registration Office. Pharmacy Technician Program students who return this form at least five (5) business days prior to the start of registration will be eligible for additional seats during registration in the following classes; MEOC 135 Human Relations for Healthcare Workers and MEOC 140 Pharmaceutical Mathematics.

Commencement Ceremony

The Annual NOCE Commencement Ceremony recognizes our students’ achievements as they complete their High School Diploma and Career Technical Education programs. The commencement celebration honors the accomplishments of our students who have demonstrated the ability to set, pursue, and achieve educational goals that will positively impact their lives moving forward.

NOCE conducts a commencement ceremony in celebration of student accomplishments in the following academic programs: 

  • High School Diploma
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Electrical Technology
  • Funeral Service Assistant
  • Management 
  • Medical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Quality Assurance Management for Medical Devices

To learn more about NOCE’s Commencement Ceremony, please visit: