Instructional Support Services, Open Labs

Academics, Relationships, Independence, Self-Advocacy, and Emotional Health (ARISE) Lab

The ARISE Lab serves students with Autism, and similar needs, on all three NOCE Centers.  The ARISE Lab at the Anaheim Campus is a dedicated room with tools and resources for students to utilize including  a quiet area for students who may need to get away from the chaos of the busy campus, adult coloring books, fidgets, soft lighting, and other resources The Lab also hosts social groups for students that focus on relaxation/stress relief, executive functioning skills, relationships and boundaries, and social skills.  The goal of the Lab is to meet the students where they are and provide the resources, they need to be successful on campus.

Under the guidance of the Disability Support Services (DSS), the ARISE Counselor meets with students in the lab to provide support, help students with issues relating to emotional regulation, stress reduction, stimulus control, appropriate classroom behaviors, and appropriate social boundaries. The counselor also meets one-on-one and in groups with students to help them become more successful on campus.

Basic Skills/Learning Centers

High School Diploma and Learning Center students receive assistance in gaining skills to attain personal and educational goals by working with faculty, staff, and tutors in small groups or one-on-one in a variety of subjects such as math, grammar, and reading. Computers are available for online instruction and assessment. Students may also enroll in the Learning Center to gain employability skills, receive additional instructional support in diploma subjects as referred by the diploma lab faculty or staff, obtain tutorial support in vocational/career technical education subject areas, and/or prepare for college-level assessments or coursework. Instructional materials, including textbooks, are provided at no cost to students. However, materials are to remain in the labs as they are shared by all students in the classroom. 

Business/Computer Skills Lab

Students receive assistance while accessing a variety of self-paced courses: Office Keyboarding, Data Entry, 10-Key, Typing/Keyboarding for speed and accuracy, Windows Operating system, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web. Internet and e-mail access is also available during lab hours. 

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center offers NOCE students assistance in building their resume and cover letter; updating and tailoring their resume or cover letter to specific jobs; preparing for interviews; assistance with job search, online job applications, creating LinkedIn accounts, and career exploration.  Students can make one-on-one appointments to receive individualized assistance in any of the areas mentioned above. Career readiness workshops are also held every term to prepare students for the workforce.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Learning Center

The ESL Learning Center offers an opportunity to practice English through various instructional media. Students learn through ESL software and/or receive individual and group tutoring to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Special interest areas such as Vocational ESL and EL Civics are also part of the instruction.