NOCE Mission, Vision & Values

NOCE Mission Statement

To serve the needs of individuals, business, and the community, we educate a diverse student population in successive essential skills that support learning goals across the lifespan. 

NOCE Vision Statement

NOCE has a comprehensive presence in the community and is recognized for excellence.  NOCE embraces multiple facets of diversity and is committed to outcome-oriented educational opportunities in preparing students for productive civic engagement.  NOCE is an effective and affordable option for students who are acquiring personal, academic, and career skills.  NOCE is responsive to evolving community needs.

NOCE Core Values

• through a commitment to our mission and vision statements
• by encouraging a climate of honesty and trust
• through teamwork that depends on accountability and responsibility

• as a way to meet life's challenges successfully
• as a path to personal and professional growth
• as a lifelong quest

• by delivering comprehensive quality programs and services
• by creatively responding to the educational needs of our community

• by recognizing and respecting the significance of each unique individual
• by offering all learners access to relevant learning opportunities

• to the individual
• to the institution
• to the community

NOCE Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of enrolling in and completing a North Orange Continuing Education course, group of courses, or entire certificate program, students can be expected to demonstrate the following: 

  1. Empowerment to be lifelong learners. Students can demonstrate the confidence and courage to learn how to learn as well as appropriate research, study, inquiry and goal-setting skills.
  2. The ability to function effectively within their community. Students demonstrate appropriate effective interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as well as an understanding of the value of diversity.