NOCE Noncredit Education & Community Service Programs

North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) offers quality programs and services for students seeking self-improvement, enhanced earning power, increased literacy skills, and access to higher education and employment.  Courses are offered during all hours throughout the week and weekends. Some courses may be out of our schedule for a term or two.

Most classes offered through noncredit programs are free of charge. NOCE also offers a wide variety of fee-based community service classes. These include career and professional development programs, seminars and workshops, and special programs for kids and teens. 

Basic Skills Labs / Learning Center

Learning Centers are open-entry labs where adult students, 18 years of age and older, receive assistance in gaining skills to attain personal and educational goals by working with faculty, staff, and tutors in small groups or one-on-one in a variety of subjects such as math, grammar, and reading. Computers are available for online instruction and assessment. Students may also enroll in the Learning Centers to gain employability skills, receive additional instructional support in High School Diploma subjects as referred by the diploma faculty and staff, obtain tutorial support in vocational/career technical education subject areas, and prepare for college-level assessments and coursework. Open-entry, GED/HiSET Preparation is offered for adult students at the NOCE Wilshire Learning Center.  For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Adult Basic Education (ABE and ABED),  and Labs (LABS). 

Business Skills & Opportunities

See Career Technical Education for more details.
For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Business Management (BMGR); Business (BUSN); and Finance (FINC).

Career Technical Education (CTE)

The Career Technical Education (CTE) Program offers students a variety of short-term certificate programs and single course options designed to prepare for a high-demand career and advance current work skills. CTE programs combine academic knowledge with technical and occupational skills to provide students with pathways to long-term careers and success. Our CTE Program instructors are leaders in their fields with extensive practical experience to share with students. Much of the growth in current and future jobs will require training beyond high school. Enrolling in NOCE CTE Program classes means job readiness for a new career or a better position in current work field in two years or less.
For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Business Management (BMGR); Business (BUSN); Computers (COMP); Construction (CONS); Digital (DIG); Early Childhood Education (ECE); Electrical (ELET); Funeral Services (FSRV); Medical Occupations (MEDO); Medical Occupations Clerical (MEOC); and Microsoft (MS), Office Technician (OTEC), and Pharmacy Technician (PTEC).  

College Preparation Program

Effective Fall 2019, NOCE offers College Preparation courses in accordance with AB 705.  The College Preparation program provides students with an opportunity to develop their critical thinking and language skills to succeed in college-level credit courses.  Non-credit College Prep Math and English courses are intended for students who desire to build or strengthen their foundational level mathematical, reading and writing skills. The College Prep program is tuition-free.  Accessible and free Open Educational Resources (OER) are utilized as the primary teaching tools in this program.  Courses offered in the Math Co-Lab are open to college students ONLY.   For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Adult Basic Education (ABED).

Computer Applications

The Computer Applications Program offers courses in the foundational concepts needed to operate personal computer systems. Courses offered include application-specific skill development in Microsoft, Adobe and Internet-based software. For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Computer (COMP); Computer Lab (CCTR), Microsoft (MS), and Office Technician (OTEC).

Disability Support Services (DSS)

The North Orange Continuing Education Disability Support Services (DSS) provide students with disabilities with a variety of accommodations and support services that minimize the impact of their disabilities on their academic performance. Services include academic, vocational, and personal advisement; test-taking assistance; advocacy and referral services; registration assistance; assessment and evaluation; interpreters for the deaf; and adaptive technology. Special classes designed to promote the development of independent living and employment skills of individuals with intellectual disabilities are also offered.  For a list of courses, see course description: Disability Support Services (DSPS). 

English & Communication

The English and Communication classes offer a variety of opportunities for the adult student to improve their writing, speaking, or presentation skills or gain skills to be a better communicator on the job. Courses such as Communication with the Deaf, Sign Language, and Educational Interpreting also offer pathways to possible future careers. For a list of courses see course description: English/Communications (ENCO) and Sign Language (SIGN). 

English as a Second Language (ESL & Citizenship)

These courses help second language learners improve their English listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills in order to reach their career, academic, and personal goals. Classes also incorporate civics education to community members and prospective United States citizens. Specialized strands such as ESL for Academic Success are available to the advanced-level students. For a list of courses, see course descriptions: English as a Second Language (ESLA) and ESL Education Planning (ESLW). 

Foreign Language

Foreign Language courses introduce students to basic grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary with special emphasis on auditory comprehension and conversation. Students will broaden their language skills while at the same time experiencing a new culture through various class activities. Special emphasis will be placed on spoken communication while expanding listening, reading, and writing skills. For a list of courses, see course description: Language (LANG). 

GED/HiSET Preparation

Earning a high school equivalency credential is an alternative option for adults to demonstrate their high school competency skills. The GED/HiSET Preparation Program is offered in an open entry lab setting at Wilshire Learning Center as well as in a traditional classroom setting at Anaheim campus. Lab faculty and staff assist students with preparation in the subject areas of math, science, social studies, reading, and language arts. Test-taking skills such as keyboarding and calculator usage are included in the preparation. Practice tests are administered to assess readiness for the official exams. Assistance in finding and signing up for the official tests is part of the program. Through both teaching methods, open-entry GED/HiSET program at Wilshire center and direct GED/HiSET instruction at Anaheim campus, adults are given the opportunity to prepare and demonstrate their high school level proficiency and their readiness for higher education or the workplace. For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Adult Basic Education (ABE).

High School Diploma (HSDP)

High School Diplomas are issued by the North Orange County Community College District to adult students, 18 years of age and older, who earn 160 credits by completing the required course of study and demonstrate proficiency in basic skills. The HSDP operates as an open-entry lab where students work individually and at their own pace on various required subjects. All labs have instructors and staff to assist students with completing their courses. Whole-class or small-group instruction is offered in the major content areas, specifically math and language arts, as well as other subjects as the need arises. Elective credits can be earned in continuing education classes offered through NOCE. New students enter the HSDP through orientation, assessment, and counseling service. Counselors meet with students individually to review assessment scores and transcripts and develop an educational plan of study.  HSDP students are highly encouraged to attend their enrolled high school lab on a regular basis (6+ hours of attendance is recommended)  to make academic progress by earning credits and grades in their diploma studies.  NOCE staff provides High School diploma graduates the guidance resources and the support needed to transiting to credit programs.   For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Individual High School Subjects (IHSS).    

Lifeskills Education Advancement Program (LEAP)

The LEAP Program provides dynamic and responsive lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs of the residents of our diverse community. These are learning opportunities in the areas of vocational training, health and safety, socialization, parenting, enrichment and skill development leading toward personal fulfillment and greater involvement in the community. Both apportionment and fee-based courses are held at various sites throughout the district. 

  • Family & Consumer Sciences
    These courses focus on the lifespan of individuals and families developing and functioning in family, work and community settings. Individuals are prepared to balance personal, family, and work responsibilities throughout life. Course offerings address the full spectrum of skills necessary to achieve optimal and sustainable living. Courses are offered in the areas of home resource management; parenting and family education; fashion design, clothing production; and hospitality. 
    • Bartending 
      For a list of courses see course description: Hospitality Management (HOSM)
    • Fashion Design & Clothing Production 
      For a list of courses, see course description: Clothing (CC)
    • Finance and Personal Investments
      For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Finance (FINC)
    • Parenting
      For a list of courses, see course description: Parenting (PARN) and Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG)
  • Fine/Applied Art
    These courses are dedicated to teaching skills by emphasizing the appreciation and production of works of art placing emphasis on the creative and esthetic principles, technical processes, and development of culture. Students are given an opportunity to be artistically expressive including performance in the areas of art and music. 
    • Drawing & Painting
      For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Arts and Crafts (ARTC) and Creative Arts (CRAE)
    • Music
      For a list of courses, see course description: Music (MUSC)
    • Photography
      For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Photography (FOTO)
  • Kids' College and Teen Program
    The Kids' College and Teen Program is a fee-based program providing enrichment activities outside of the regular classroom experience for children and teens from ages 6 months to 17 years old. Classes are offered to provide academic enrichment, personal improvement, or instruction in sports, art or music. Sessions of six to eight weeks are offered four times a year with classes held after school hours, on Saturdays, and summer camps are also offered.  For a list of courses, see course description: Kids (KIDS). 
  • Mature Driver
    The DMV-approved Mature Driver Improvement Course for individuals 55 or older provides instruction on defensive driving and California Motor Vehicle Laws. Information is provided on the effects that medication, fatigue, alcohol, visual and/or auditory limitations have on a person's driving ability. Upon completion, a DMV certificate will be provided to the student, which may qualify the student for reduced motor vehicle insurance premiums. For a list of courses, see course description: Safety (SAFE). 
  • Older Adults/Emeritus 
    These courses are designed to address the educational needs and interests of older adults (50 years and older), focusing on topics that promote independence, advocacy, community engagement, self-maintenance, personal growth, physical and cognitive health, career development and economic self-sufficiency. For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Adult Basic Education (ABE); Arts & Crafts (ARTC); Consumer Ed (CNED); Creative Arts (CRAE); Education Enrichment (EDEN); Communication (ENCO); Financial (FINC); Fitness (FITN); Health (HLTH); and Music (MUSC).  
  • Physical Fitness
    Encompasses classes in physical exercise, dance, and martial arts. All of these are offered as fee-based classes. the variety of offerings provides students with options to start or maintain a fitness program. For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Dance (DAN), Fitness (FITN), and Health (HLTH).


See Career Technical Education for more details. For a list of courses, see course descriptions: Medical Occupations (MEDO), Medical Occupations Clerical (MECO) and Pharmacy Technician (PTEC).