Financial (FINC)

FINC 301 36 Hours Accounting - Beginning

Begin with the basic study of Accounting/Bookkeeping Theory, Procedures and Terminology. The Accounting cycle for a business is presented in a logical sequence demonstrating accounting activities that include analysis and recording of business transactions using general journal, general ledger, and financial statements. (Fee-Based)

FINC 302 36 Hours Accounting - Intermediate

Prerequisite(s): FINC 301 Accounting - Beginning or equivalent.

Continue with Intermediate Accounting/Bookkeeping Theory, Procedures and Terminology leading to specialized journals, general and subsidiary ledgers, and financial statements. Further study of accounting procedures includes Accounts Receivable/Payable, Payroll, Uncollectible Procedures, Plant Assets, Depreciation, Inventory, Notes and Interest. (Fee-Based)

FINC 322 5 Hours Investment Strategies To Protect Your Nest Egg

Course covers the basics of major investment areas, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and long-term care. Students will learn how to properly invest in these areas and build an investment plan for retirement. Course will also cover unit investment trusts, IRAs, college planning for children and estate planning. (Fee-Based)

FINC 338 5 Hours Retirement Planning Today

Learn how to make your retirement comfortable and free of money worries through this information packed seminar. Learn about basic investment products and strategies which can maximize return, lower taxes and provide financial security. Topics: Retirement and Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Investments, Health, Life, Medicare and Long Term Care Insurance. (Fee-Based)

FINC 340 36 Hours 21 Ways to Accumulate for Retirement

Without changing your standard of living, many things can be done to accumulate more assets for retirement. Learn about actions you can take with your personal finances and employer benefits, all within the principles of making complete, wise and sound financial decisions. Workbook included. (Fee-Based)

FINC 345 36 Hours Payroll Accounting - Introduction

This course provides an introduction to payroll procedures for bookkeeping and accounting. Topics include federal and State laws, paying different types of employees, employment records, payroll recordkeeping, and payroll State forms. Students will also learn to perform basic payroll functions. (Fee-Based)

FINC 350 3 Hours Retirement Strategies: Taking Control in a Turbulent Market

Have you lost your nest egg? Will you have enough money to maintain a secure, independent and enjoyable lifestyle? You need to regroup now! You will learn how to determine how much money you'll really need to retire, allocate to seek maximum return potential, find investments that work best for you and how to put a safety net under your nest egg (Fee-Based)

FINC 355 3 Hours Mutual Funds: Rebuilding Your Portfolio in a Turbulent Market

Discover which mutual funds are best for your portfolio. Discussions include: no-load vs. load funds, eliminating absorbent charges that eat into your return, performance comparisons, and the four fund rating services. Discover the easy steps to protect and rebuild your portfolio while taking control of your future. (Fee-Based)

FINC 360 3-5 Hours Annuities: Put a Safety Net Under Your Retirement

Discover how to use annuities to create a safety net for your portfolio. Don't be wiped out by a turbulent market again. Learn the pros and cons of annuities, if variable or fixed are right for you, the opportunities for tax deferred growth, guaranteed minimum return, the potential upside with Equity Indexed Annuities, and how to read the fine print. (Fee-Based)

FINC 365 12 Hours Building Blocks of Investing

This course teaches the building blocks of investing. Students will learn about stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Students will also learn how to set appropriate individual financial goals. (Fee-Based)

FINC 370 36 Hours Rejuvenating Your Retirement

This course is for retired individuals to consider changes to their current retirement strategies. They will review their current retirement plans and make adjustments such as risk management, new investments and adjustments to their health care planning. (Fee-Based)

FINC 375 3 Hours Basics of Personal Finance

This course is for students looking to take control over their personal finances. They will learn how to create a budget, use credit properly, pay off debts, and save money for the future. (Fee-Based)

FINC 380 6 Hours Financial Planning for College

The ideal time for parents to start planning to pay for college is before a child starts kindergarten. Whether your child starts college in ten years or starts in two years or fewer, this class give the tools on how to navigate the road to create successful college finances. (Fee-Based)

FINC 385 2 Hours Social Security Secrets

This informative workshop will help students understand what they need to know to maximize Social Security benefits. Topics will include elements of retirement income flow and lifespan income strategies. (Fee-Based)

FINC 387 5 Hours Deciphering Social Security Benefits

The average retiree leaves thousands of dollars "on the table" simply because they don't understand how to optimize their social security benefits. This course will make clear the best options and choices. The class is open to all ages who are interested in learning about and discussing the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) federal program. (Fee-Based)

FINC 390 1.5 Hours Medicare 101

Understanding Medicare is more relevant than ever before in the retirement community. This course gives an overview of the Medicare program with in-depth details of Parts A - D. The course also provides information on Medicare Supplemental insurance and how policies may provide coverage and benefits to fill the gaps in current Medicare coverage. (Fee-Based)

FINC 395 1.5 Hours Retirement Income 101

Accumulating wealth is only one phase of the financial life cycle. This class addresses the principle concern of soon-to-be retirees: Will I have sufficient income in retirement to live comfortably? This class focuses on those of the "Baby Boomer" generation and develops a plan to navigate the retirement phase of life with full financial confidence. (Fee-Based)

FINC 397 5 Hours Passport to Retirement

This course has been developed for students to better plan for a comfortable retirement through the use of relevant financial tools and decision-making processes. (Fee-Based)